Duke of Lancasters Regiment new badge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. I've seen worse, it is a bit large (Not going down that M4 Rifles row about dinner plates on beret though)
  2. Looks like a version of the Int Corps badge drawn by a dyslexic child with its arm in a sling!
  3. They could always use it as a frisbee when they're bored! :lol:
  4. Oh my god...
  5. How proud I will be when I replace my Lion with that....
  6. It looks like a merger of the RMP and Int Corps
  7. Doesn't seem to be anything carried over from the Kings Regiment in it either
  8. Is it me but the pic could easily have been taken for a Dutch soldier as thats how the badge come over to me.
  9. I also thought it looked Dutch or worse - Belgian.

    There was - but someone nicked it!
  10. Agh should have seen that coming!
  11. ditto
  12. if they make it a little smaller im sure it would be acceptable, like another poster said i have seen worse
  13. Bah! VB, You beat me to it - and hark nicely back to a 'classic' thread.
  14. So whose motto is that then?