Duke of Edinburgh problem

Discussion in 'ACF' started by PRC-349, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Righto chaps I was wondering if anyone her could help me on this

    About 4 months ago I left the Essex ACF and joned the TA and was assured that i would be given my DofE as soon as it came through.

    However after contacting my old Det Commander and his 2IC i have had no joy and have been fobbed off o each occasion and it is getting to the point where I think they have binned it or lost it.

    I know t may seem petty but i worked hard for it and earned it, not only that it looks very suspicious when putting it on my CV and not being able to provide proof which has happened on 2 occasions.

    Can anyone help or provide any advice?

    if you need any details such as Company/Det/Name/etc will disclose in a PM


  2. Have you tried contacting your former County Admin office ? even a letter direct to the Commandant ? that should shake things up a bit, also consider Contacting your DofE HQ if you have no joy, they should have a central record of awards.

    I would imagine the threat to contact DofE HQ would cause them to risk losing their DofE accreditation, proceed carefully use that only as a last resort, try the diplomatic route first.

    I think it is disgraceful that Cadet are faffed about with regards to DofE, some Dets persue it to the full other are lethargic about it and only pay lip service.
  3. PRC,

    what happened with your award book?

    ie do you have your award book still? As you could start with that again (it should be fully written up).

    You could ask the TA unit to chase it up, as I am sure you would have mentioned it to them in the joining phase.

    Failing that, don´t be afraid to raise some noise, if the det loses accreditation, they CAN get it back. Hopefully without putting another lad like yourself in a similar position.

    A letter to your district (from what you have said I would abandon the Det) and DofE would help I feel.

    If the book has been lost, you may need to find a mates book to find the names and details of your achievements and run around to get a redeux. Extreme case you may need to do a bit again, I know I used to do the Adventure and Canoeing, and I kept records of ALL those who came through, so hopefully most instructors and assessors will also do this.

    I got my gold award, and it was hard work and well deserved, so I know how much such things are worth to both the awardee and pot employers/colleges and universities.
  4. All the award books are held by the Company DofE officer and filled out by her
    however i am currently writing a letter to both the Company CO and County Commandant and making sure i have copies of both.

    Thanks forall your help most appreciated

  5. The books are to be held by yourself, I don´t know of anywhere that holds on to them.

    If you KNOW you have completed them all, and have proof (IIRC you can get certificates for completing each of the 13 stages of the DofE award scheme) then by all means chase the "DofE Officer" up, cc her on to the letters you are writing. Or better yet, write to HER, and CC the Coy OC and the County Cmdt.
  6. Just phone Major C (CEO) I expect he will sort it as quick as a sorting out thing :D
  7. Contact your local Coordinator and they will sort it, I got my certificates through 15 years later when I needed to pull them out the bag for an interview, I had lost them on a move and had to pay nothing but postage.