Duke of Edinburgh presents REME soldiers with Afghanistan campaign medals

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 23, 2011.

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  2. Any gaffes?
  3. Yeah, looks like they let him shake hands with a tels tech. I hope they had some babywipes on hand so PtG could get rid of the pie grease.
  4. i would say the pie eater is next to the guy shaking hands (who doesn't look handsome enough to be a tels tech) as a sidenote i will say for a 90 year old phil looks quite "ally" in his rig. I've been handed gongs by top brass that look like they've never put combats on before and got dressed in the dark. One ex corp brig turned up with his trousers folded to one side and then tucked into his boots like you would before banging on wellies!