Duke of Edinburgh involved in a traffic accident

Wonder if they breathalysed him?
Article I read in the US said both drivers were tested and neither showed any sign of alcohol.
If I was in an accident I would ask the police for a breathalyzer test just to prevent later accusations. (of course I drink rarely and very little when I do)

Wonder if they breathalysed him?


On a lighter note (and stolen from elsewhere)...

Journalists: "Brexit will monopolise the headlines for weeks to come"

HRH: "Hold my beer..."



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Being a born-again dinosaur sort of a chap, I would simply have released the handbrakes and eased the vehicles onto private land.

No cause police action.

I might not have had the highest score on the DC's exam, but I could square things up and get a few TiC's while I was doing it. Always kept my guv'nors happy...
I may be mistaken, but doesn't that bit of A149 run through the Royal Estate, already being private land... although partially open to the public... and couldn't that be said of most of the UK and Commonwealth as most of it belongs to his wife. Only more so on this particular bit of road.
Ah righto just like all the rest of his lfe.....giving instructions for lesser minions to do the actual work,
you've probably guessed I'm no fan of the man who has never heard the word "NO" in all his life.
You're privy to All of Liz and Phil's boudoir conversations? Been bugging the palace bedrooms have you? You're in for it now, now we have your confession.
Standard procedure after an accident, especially if it took place on a public road.
If it was a private road, how private and what were civilians doing on it?
A149, through the Sandringham Estate, which would be Royal Private, but open to the public, at least in part, innit.
Unhurt, seen by a Doctor but no scan on his head, don’t believe that for one moment. Brain springs a leak later, after such an accident and nobody ordered a scan, yeah right.
Bet he was Hospital and back before it hit the news.
Bet there would be a scan of his fairly recently repaired undercarriage as well, as one witness was claiming he was complaining of pain in his legs immediately after the incident.
The A149 is quite dangerous where it passes through the Sandringham estate. The road is dead straight and people drive at ridiculous speeds. For some reason (IIRC) there are no cameras to inhibit the local drag racers.

I used to visit Wolferton quite often (Holts), and the A149is noticeably too fast for the small roads and tracks that open onto it. Its often hard to pull out onto the road because of the poor side road visibility vs the speed of approaching traffic, and I imagine its particularly tricky for an elderly driver with slower reactions and also coping with blinding winter sun.
I bet their waiting for the SAS 'ero who went Rambo in Kenya to get back to have him tell the DoE that he has to give up driving, as no-one else has the balls too
Well if you're going to have a crash, you might as well have a proper one.

I'm going to a scrap yard tomorrow. What model Range Rover was it ?
Likely to be an armoured one :)

Joshua Slocum

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It would also be nice to expect a retired member of the senior service to not drive like such a ****.
Let he that is without guilt cast the first stone
its Norfolk , very quite and on the Sandringham estate, I ride there to see a close relative ( no not the Queen), try the M4 near Reading, or the Birmingham ring road when all the young asian men in their supercars drive like cretins, thats more worrying
Looking at the photos, I suspect that Phil has been T-boned by the other car.
My money is on the other car having come through the 'give way' a tad quickly and having smacked the rear corner of the Rangie
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I suspect that someone's driving license may be under scrutiny and it won't be Phil's.
So you don't think the John Deere was involved.

Take an orange.
Bit of a dilemma for the Daily Wail types, isn't it? "Do we go with 'BELOVED ROYAL MIRACULOUSLY UNHURT AFTER ACCIDENT' or 'DANGEROUS IMMIGRANT SHOULD BE DEPORTED!'?"

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