Duke of Edinburgh Award

Discussion in 'OTC' started by WhackJob, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Is there any chance to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh award while at the OTC? or parts of the OTC that satisfy its criteria?

    Or can it be undertaken at University in general?

  2. You can take Gold DofE up until the age of (think it's) 21 (but may be 25) - look on the DofE website for the criteria needed for it. I know that it's offered to AIs in the ACF and other Cadet Forces, so it may be worth asking your OC.
  3. Is it not called "the award" now to blend in with teh "yoof".
  4. All awards need to be completed by 25, not 21. No idea about whether you can do the awards through the OTC, but if not, many universities have their own DofE society. Your local area will very probabky have an Open Award centre as well.

    Chocolate Frog - I believe it's officially called the "brap brap brap" now, in order to be fully street.
  5. Was not exactly sure how I can get started on the course now, as I have long finished School/College I can't do it through them, and I don't know that you can do it individually.

    Starting uni in September so I will see then...
  6. Yup, you can - Open Award centres exist for those who don't fall under a normal operating authority. They will find you people to do the expeditions with.

    This will help you get started if you want to go down the Open route.

    But as I've said above, I'd be surprised if your Uni doesn't have a D of E society.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    21? 25? My lad just got back from finishing his silver DOE today on his 16th birthday. Not that thats supper special just wanted to break the ice. The best bit was this evening when he said "Dad is my Bergen heavier than a civvie ruck sack?" of course it is son its a SAS Bergen and your Uncle Andy lined it with lead special for you going up Snowdon :)
  8. For those who missed out on their DOE awards and are looking for something similar, Raleigh International is open to anyone up to the age of 75.


    Go on, you know you want to.
  9. Cheers for that guys, will look into it.

    I just wandering though because I would be going to the East Midlands OTC, and it's the only one without a website so I imagine the funding is quite low, just hoping they will have a DofE society at Leicester Uni, should do though.
  10. I might be wrong, but you could try for an Army funded gap year. I think you do have to go through selection and so on, but I know some people who climbed Kilimanjaro (probably spelt wrongly) and didn't pay a penny.
    If thats your kind of thing, then I suggest you look into it.
  11. does anyone know if Exeter OTC do the duke of Edinburgh's award?
  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Network scouts (18 - 25) also do DoE too - its mainly district led so if you fall in that age range but are away from home you can still work it through
  13. I'm a DofE volunteer and getting people in the Officer Training Corps (as well as URNU and UWAS) would be quite easy providing there is enough interest.

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