Duke in second visit to Ireland

Should HM The Queen conduct a state visit of the Irish Republic

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The Duke of Edinburgh has made his second visit to the Irish Republic. He officiated at a presentation of awards to young adults in Dublin on Wednesday with Irish President Mary McAleese.

He also payed a courtesy visit to Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern before returning to Britain.

The visit has been criticised by Republican Sinn Fein who said it was a "warm up" for a state visit by the Queen in the near future.

If that happened, it would be the first visit by a ruling British monarch since Ireland became independent in 1921.

President McAleese has said in the past that she would love to see such a royal visit but it would only happen after a resolution of the peace process and after the two governments had agreed to it.

I think the Queen would be welcomed in the Republic. Contrary to popular belief, not every Irish person in the Republic agrees with the idiots of Sinn Fein.
Was it shut the first time?

Fcuking early closing!
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Said to a blind woman with a guide dog.
I bow to the man. He appears not to be p1ssed and yet consistently comes up with better insults and one liners than 99% of the NAAFI inhabiters.

Being the PC guy that I am, I can honestly say that I work quite closely with a left footed Mick and she has said that a visit by HRH would not be unwelcome by most of the potatoe growing population as long a it wasn't turned into a political stunt by either side.

Now they have stopped trying to reduce the overall height of Canary Wharf and have stopped trying to apply instant central heating to motorway junctions, I have found that most of the colonial rejects are actually as regular a bunch as anyone else.

In case anyone took offence, look up "facetious" and "sarcasm" in a big book full of words
i have found the Irish very welcoming and an easy going bunch, im sure the queen will get a warm welcome and perhaps a visit to the "Brazen Head" pub for a swift Guiness,

the sein fein are a bunch of sour puss and about as welcome as a flea ridden dog in a cats home, they are going to miss a historic occasion and thats fine by me.
I loved the way HRH turned and waved to the cluster of Republican Sinn Féin protestors opposite the Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday - "Yoo-hoo, Shinners!"

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