Duisburg - A last look

Anyone who served, did a course or visited there might be interested in this web site dedicated to 36 Regt RA who occupied the site before 3 ADTR. One of their former members had visited the site several years ago and took these picture before the barracks was levelled. Glamorgan Barracks, here's to you.

Carnarvon Bks has also been flattened dont know whats happended to the camp at Mulhiem or the old RE camp and once JHQ draws down looks like the civi mess and Naffi complex will be flattened. There will be nothing left of BFPO 34 before long
Was anyone there when the main kitchen was being refurbished and we had the use the old garages, by the Sgts Mess, as a so called temporary kitchen for 18 months. It was absolutely infested with rats. At first that little tw*ts would run off when anyone came into the kitchen dining room. As time went on they would just stand at the front of the hotplate cheeky as you like. Ian P booted one of the furry twats one day and it went flying through the air and landed on Dave P's shoulder - much to the amusement of all who witnessed it :lol:

I also remember the Sgts mess manager Taff who used to walk around with RCT capbadges in his slippers. Oh, and the day the CO ordered that the Union Jack be removed due to the increased IRA threat. I think that made the papers - he was a cracking CO mind.
Served there with 6 Sqn and 21 Sqn RCT from 1975 until 1978, did 2 OP Banner tours with 6 Sqn. I was in Stalwart Troop 21 Sqn, great times, great memories sad to hear the old camp is gone.
I did JMQC there in 1990. Here's sat image of the site having been levelled; it's the same view as on the website linked on the post above, except it has been orientated with North upwards (the website image is upsidedown):


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