Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by semper, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Just discovered this new singer, liked her lastest songs, I used to be a Northern Souler and this song would fit right in the scene.

    Duffy- mercy


    her other songs liek Warwick avenue are just as good, but much prefer Mercy,

    bonus she is nothing like Amy Winehouse
  2. what were your first thoughts when you heard her? :twisted:

  3. Is she 12?
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I would though!
  5. She is hardly new - but you have obviously been spending too much time listening to Garry Glitter
  6. I did initially think she was black, a very good one, reminds me of Rick Astley, he sounded Black and has the right tone.

    here is a Rick Astley song.

    check out the fit blonde birds on it, I love the 80s. :D

    don't bother baiting I am not falling for it :)
  7. She went to the school my daughter goes to now.
  8. christ, you are fcuking deaf aren't you?
  9. Seconded! What the fcuk?? Unless there are 2 Rick Astleys, and the one I've never heard has a lot more talent than the useless mlarr that I had the grosse misfortune to hear one or twice.
  10. But with regards to Duffy, she's pretty good, and I'd certainly smash one into her if I had the opportunity to administer the regulation doss of rohypnol :)
  11. well thats down to personal taste, I suppose I am fond of the 80s cos that my Youth, noticed 80s fashion is coming back again.
  12. I agree, it is down to personal taste.....I've met plenty of people that like the 80s....I like a few tunes myslef......but you're the 1st, and I assume the last, that has ever said that Rick "less talent than a bucket of shoite" Astley sounds black.

    Very true regarding the fashion.
  13. hang on, why the fcuk am I discussing music with you?

  14. anyway back to Duffy, reckon she has the talent ?
  15. 'Just discovered this new singer'! Mercy was released on 11th February and her album 'Rockferry' was released on 3rd March.

    Do they call you 'lightning'?