Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Welsh wonder, druid drudge, valleys virgin?

    Is this all just hyped up bollocks about her being brought up by mountain goats with access only to a single, scratched, sandy shaw album

    More importantly would you bang it

    Please find link attached for you old cnuts that don'y know whats toppa da pops :D

  2. shes got a a squishy face...
  3. I'm forever turning down hot, talented, blonde, 23 year-olds with a cracking arrse - because they're got a squishy face.

    "Get off me Madam. Your face is squishy." Is a phrase I use almost daily.
  4. I'd violate that. It would have to be painful enough to make her squeal though, anything to stop the bitch from singing.
  5. But a cracking voice.
  6. I prefer the one who mops up the wee in Holby.
  7. Come now ottar there is a marvelous invention called .... the brown paper bag! place over face and....... walah problem solved! :p
  8. Fabulous voice................and I suppose if she played her cards right :D