duffdike: Is he a fake?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by duffdike, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Why not get all the duffdike trashing in one thread so that the other punters can lead on undisturbed? Is he the late and much missed Caubeen? Is he a Walt? A fantasist? Has he lost his marbles? Is he just over enthusiastic or an opinionated git? Is he senile? Does he smell of pi$$ and Werthers? Did he serve? Is he an idiot.? We want to know.

    And in particular HAS HE EVER BEEN CAUGHT OUT IN A LIE. ? :)

    Flame away.
  2. Some threads you just know will run and run and run and...
  3. I just think you are what your avatar badge says "Cook, but harmless".
  4. Only a cricket umpire has 6 marbles - Duffdike, this thread indicates you have lost a few hand to pocket.
  5. i know what your saying but not sure what your point is, could you help out a little?
  6. I think 'attention whore' clears that up...
  7. Duffdike?.....nope, never heard of him. Was he in Showaddywaddy?
  8. couldnt be any clearer than that cheers

    duffdike you are a bit of a throbber
  9. Nope, never a fake. Definitely the genuine article. :wink:
  10. DuffDike,

    A man - or woman, who by his or her own admission is a liar, a loathsome spotted reptile and self confessed player of the pink oboe..
  11. I agree, a genuine throbber.
  12. Duffdick:
    That's the bit where you told a lie. Right back on Oct 17th. What's my prize?
  13. Is this a multi choice question? If I get it right whats the prize?
    Duffdike you are a leg end sorry legend. :worship:
  14. Why is this in officers thread?

    just a question.

    Oooh Its Bushmills o'clock.
  15. Too late mate, I beat you to it. I think it was his first post as well.