Duffdike AWOL?

Does any ARRSEr know what has happen to Duffdike? I notice that the deluge of posts on every subject under the sun ceased abrubtly on 16 Feb 08. Is he OK or has he secretly deployed to Iraqistan to give the locals the benefit of his opinions?

This is the second such thread I've seen recently (the first enquiring about Biscuits). Duffdike is an odd character I grant you that, but do we really need to track and trace his whereabouts after a period of silence? Maybe he's on holiday?
Vimeiro said:
jarrod248 said:
I understand he's undercover shoving trolley's at ASDA

Funny, the rumour I heard he was flipping burgers at a popular fast food chain outlet.
ASDA binned him after he insisted that the trolleys be stacked vertically, despite his insistance that "..that's the way they did it in the West Bumphshires in 1974".

Alas his burger manipulation sorties were also cut short due to an unfortunate incident involving his use of a 'special mayo' recipe in all the Happy Meals.

I'm led to believe that he's currently working for Gregs the bakers, ensuring that each bun has the required number of currants in it.
There was a 'Should I commit suicide' thread in Health & Fitness...
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