Duff British EOD Kit blamed for deaths in Thailand

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by fingers_1661, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Hope not!!!
  2. Can't say i've seen them used but I am only Search trained...
  3. We knocked up a couple of dousing rods out of 14 Gauge wire in Bosnia and took it in turn walking up and down a track we had buried a few AT Mines we had earlier uncovered and disarmed at Zlosela (southwest edge of Kupres) and the results were surprising, out of 5 of us, 2 found at least one of the mines with the dousing rods, but I certainly wouldn't put blind faith in the technique and especially NOT into a mined area! the ADE651 sounds like no more than a take on dousing :?

    Anyone in the know who has actually used them or taught them even?!
  4. £35,000 each!!!!!!!!!

    Thats some snake oil salesman they've employed to shift them, build cost must be about £2 a unit
  5. Guns

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    If anyone believes these work then do contact me as I have some left handed screwdrivers I need to shift. Will throw in a pot of tartan paint - free!
  6. I suspect that they would have proven quite effective had the adverse results not been plastered all over the papers. Not by actually detecting explosives etc., but by deterrence. Of course, there's no way of determining how many more bombs would have been planted if the bombers had known from the off that these devices were ineffectual.

    With regard to water divining, it's my belief that the results are dependent on the operator. It works for some people but not for others - no matter how much training you give them. The Force is stronger in some people than in others. Given that the explosive detector is "powered" by the operator rather than by batteries, perhaps they'd be better operated by Jedis than by Muslims.
  7. Divining rods do work in the right hands.
    A friend of mine works in the water industry and the use of diving rods is common and un-remarkable. Their effectiveness is long acknowldedged.

    How that translates into a £35,000 single diving rod with a nice black plastic handle escapes me.
  8. I have done water divining and the results startled me -it worked - and the whalebone diving rods I had been loaned by an RAF Sqn Leader, who at the time was the County Surveyor for Somerset, nearly broke my nose when they suddenly woke up and writhed about in my hands.

    Some geezer on here some time ago took great pains to debunk dowsing and pointed all and sundry to a foundation in the US that will give a million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate that dowsing works. Apparently no one has been able to convince the people there that it works.

    All I know is that it scared the shit out of me when the two bits of joined-together whale bone took on a life of its own when I detected running water underground.

    The guy that showed me how to do it also asked me to get my guys to dig in a place he first identified on a map and zero'd in on with his own dowsing rods on the ground. The lads found a WW2 anti aircraft shell within a couple of feet of the spot he indicated.

    BUT, I have to say that anyone who stakes their life on using the method for finding landmines or similar, is one mudjahadeen short of a Kalashnikov.
  9. I concur they are used but in unison with electronic pipe location techniques, common sense and sometimes a little luck. Also they quite clearly do not work for everyone. I have used them and I am confident in their 'black magic' capabilities, and as eodmatt points out its rather unnerving when a unknown power takes hold of them.

    Do I believe in ADE651?. Simply, no. Especially as divining only works when you are very close to, or above the source.
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    Seems there could be a market for my screwdrivers after all. Finding water with sticks, please.
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    I see that the company website seems to be "down for maintenance"