Duel qualified and not promoted

Duel qualified for section commander and didn't promote.
I have done junior Brecon at the start of the year and two years ago I passed gun commanders course in warminster I didn't get promoted when I have never had a mark on my record I've also been top of my PLT for the last two years.
One of the lads from another unit said that he was told by someone if you are duel qualified for the rank you are going into you should automatically promote on the next board or finishing the second course he said it was on a JSP somewhere but doesn't know where. Does anyone have any idea if this is true or do I have to do a 3rd course lol.
Many thanks.
Have you asked where you came on the board?
I didn't promote on my second Cpl SJAR, I wasn't to arsed because it was my first shout, however my SSM chased it up and found out that I (and dozens of others) we not looked at because Glasgow were thick as **** and didn't recognise our promotion qualification.


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Ask for an interview with your CO. He/She/They will know exactly why you have not promoted.

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