Due to the reduction of bandwidth South West is now part of Wales


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Sorry, but times are tough. You have managed 6 threads and one is about shagging horses. Wales has managed 6 threads too, but they have avoided the subject of shagging farmyard animals. This came as a shock to those of us on the Committee I confess, but there it is.

The South West thread will be merged with the Wales thread and be known as the "The Gleeful Pixies meet the Ginger Dwarfish" thread.

Try not to breed. Some of us have family who read the ARRSE.

Thank you for your time.
My mate has a tea shirt, it says "Lady Ga Ga should be Destroyed"

I'll have him amend it. People who live north of Salisbury, "Need to be Fucked Up" and not in a good way.


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My wife has a tea service. But that will not stop you becoming Welsh.

Thanks for your input Jones The Tea Shirt.

Fucks sakes. Can we not just amalgamate the South West, Wales and London? Put all the badly dressed people in one place?
I remember my first ever encounter with sheep on excersise. That's when I became a man! We have them in Wales for a reason.


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In that case then, anything above Manchester will be considered part of Scotland. There's **** all up there anyway.

**** you Iron Duke.
Why Manchester? You could move the border to Newbury.
Talking about borders and pre-conceptions. When I lived 'up north' I used to think there was nothing of interest beyond Bristol apart from beaches. On living 'down south' I had the same mis-conception about anything beyond Cheltenham.
Got it all wrong there Iron Duke... South West is now part of France according to the EU.

So when do the 2 hour lunches come into effect?
Will make the arrangements for immediate implementation, Breton/Cornish language courses will commence on Monday 18th July. With effect from Monday 5th September Cornouaille (Cornwall) will be administered by the Conseil Générale based in Rosko. From the 1st January 2012 the language of Cornwall will be Ar Brezhoneg/Kernow. All residents should apply immediately for a replacement passport to Conseil Générale - no fee will be charged for this service. In the interim bi-lingual road-signs will be erected with the Ar Brezhoneg/Kernow as the predominate language.

We welcome our friends from Cornouaille into the community, adding you as the sixth Breton département, (977).

Please note: All UK citizens will be required to produce their passports at all border crossing point with effect from 1st April 2012

By order of Conseil régional de Breizh

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