Due to start this year. What to do between now and then?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by quitmy9to5, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    first post here, curerntly sitting behind a desk where my boss thinks i'm working hard because he can hear the tapping of my keyboard, and i occasionaly ask a work related question : "Just got an email from Matt, he wanted to know if we have any more leads for his area!"
    Anyway, i'm due to jump on a train down to Pirbright in November and continue on after to Chicksand. For thos who have been there and done it, whta can i be doing now to best prepare? I'm on top of my phys but would like some useful reading material or something to get me into the swing of the job role. Also, did anyone have any problems with vetting form? Now i have my start date it seems like the only thing that can hold me back. Cant think of a reason why it would though...im rambling now!

    So, what can i do? what should i be doing?

    thanks all.
  2. It is possible to over think things - basically as long as you can roll with the shit, and most importantly laugh at the end of it you should do ok. Your training staff are going to try and break you, and then build you into what they are looking for.
  3. cheers for the input pal. Looking forward to it.
  4. I believe there's something happening in North Africa you might want to read up on, also I hear rumours of something bubbling under in Central Asia that might be worth looking into.......................
  5. Keep fit, keep out of trouble and keep a sense of humour! Apart from that enjoy yourself. (Don't worry too much about filling your head yet - wait til you get there mate.)

    Good luck.
  6. What should you be doing? How about getting to grips with written English.
  7. sorry was this meant to be constructive?
  8. What do you think Trigger?
  9. Bollocks theres no oil in the glorious peoples republic of Kazakhstan. Jagshemash
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  10. Quitmy9to5 - Ignore helpful hints from posters of Sandmanfez's ilk. He is correct that a sound grasp of English, oral and written, is a requirement but having met many of the last few years recruits I can assure you the standard of education amongst your peers is generally far better than in the past 10 - 20 years. His comment is not meant to be constructive, merely to get a rise out of you and make himself feel important in the hope others will join him in baiting you and therefore make himself feel justified in his words. Don't rise to it, arguing on internet forums is like the a race in the Paralympics, it doesn't matter who wins, they're still a retard.

    As for advice, keep fit, ensure your upper body strength is sufficient to at least meet the minimum mandatory requirements and that you can run and march (tab), again to the minimum standards required at least. These are not goals, they are starting points.

    WRT education, you have all you need to start but try to keep abreast of current affairs from a decent daily newspaper.

    Fianlly, you will note I rarely post on this site. It is a giggle to lurk on occasionally, the NAAFI bar by far the most trustworthy and entertaining forum. Not all who post in this forum are currently serving and therefore any advice from this site, including this, must therefore be taken with a pinch of salt as you have no means of verifying the source.
  11. This is entirely true. Under no circumstances pay any attention whatsoever to any advice you might receive in this forum, including this particular nugget of same.
  12. Unless of course you look at the stickies, which would have negated the need for this bone thread, hence all the baiting and abuse (all justified) to which you have been subjected. Last time I checked, once you get in now, it's almost impossible to get rid of you no matter how shit you are. Awaits more recent DS sources to deny my A1 source............
  13. except of course that the person telling you to ignore all advice on this forum is an unknown quantity. therefore their advice might be unreliable, in which case it should be ignored. which means it is safe to listen to all advice on this forum, including that of the poster warning not to trust anything you read. which means there might be truth in their words, and therefore all advice - including their own - might be unreliable...

  14. Do you live in London?
    SOAS offers some very interesting short (part time) courses in various languages. That would certainly be useful time filler.

    Try and read all the broadsheets online; you should also be reading publications like the Economist and foreign news sources like Al Jazeera.
    In your position I would at least browse through the literary threads on ARRSE and compile a reading list. The history of your chosen Corps and all related material is a must. The Making of the British Army by Allan Mallinson is also a prerequisite; as are various books on the Afghan conflict and any country where British troops are deployed. A good working knowledge of Islam, it's sects, factions and history, will serve you well.

    If you were stood next to a map of the world, would you be able to immediately point at any country named by a senior officer, then give a quick run down of the political and military situation there?

    The fitter you are on arrival at Pirbright the less you will suffer. You will also absorb and retain more information because you will be (marginally) less tired.

    The comment about your written English is entirely valid; even if it was meant as a provocation. You will never be taken entirely seriously if you can't use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. You may have to compile reports or assesments and will be at an immediate disadvantage if the reader is irritated by your sloppy and amateurish writing.
    If you're just being lazy you have no excuse. If there are gaps in your education get an idiot's guide and use it. There is an abundance of online material to help with written English. It worked for me (more or less).
  15. Get a good job and forget the army. once the big pull out starts in 2012 the polititians will be looking to make massive cuts in the armed forces anyway.........Unless we get dragged into another long drawnout conflict without the means or resources to win a swift victory.........libya maybe???