Due to start at battallion soon

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by ROBO_187, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. ROBO_187

    ROBO_187 Crow

    Just needed to know if I have to arrive in civvies or working dress as I heard a rumour it was the latter.

    Your help in this matter would be appreciated.
  2. natotattie

    natotattie Crow

    Civvies will do you fine unless you want to travel from one unit to the next in uniform.

    In fact yes, travel in uniform. The birds love it and the male poplation will want to be you or in the case of cadet insructors, want to be in you.
  3. CMTs_rock

    CMTs_rock Clanker

  4. no1cares

    no1cares War Hero

    fancy dress, a clown or something.

    You'll be one this time next year.
  5. choff

    choff War Hero

    Smart Civvies I woudl advise, gives a good impression.
  6. Biggles4221

    Biggles4221 Old-Salt

    If your going to the Guards wear a suit... or you get spoken to like sh1t. One lad rocked up in Manc order of dress (Rockport shoes and Track suit bottoms) I still remember the twitch in the Payblokes eye just before he exploded.
  7. paveway_3

    paveway_3 Crow

    Smart set of civvies mate , it goes a long way , first impressions and that

    WOOFFY Clanker

    Trakies, new treads and as much burberry and bling as you can muster.
    They'll see what a gangsta mutha you is and respek ya big time :D