due to leave got a year to push

hi all looking for any job in the northwest uk as i am due to get out in just under a year been serving for 8 years and looking for a safe job outside the wire so i can watch my kids grow up without spending 8 months a year away have full licence and thinking of doing hiab and my plant before i leave so anyone with any info for jobs in the northwest drop me a line would be gret many tanks
jewsons are always looking for HIAB drivers,

plant licences sound good but as i've found to my cost theirs been some changes to the licencing ie: u get a red card first & u have to gain 3oo hrs in your log book before getting your long term OR get a site assessment if you can get some one to take you on! also you have to take a "health & safety" type theory test" to also qualify, i done all mine thru "richies" in glasgow, along with other courses it's good lic to get but do plenty of research first!

i've got every licence i could ask for as i was a former instructor, however it's not easy getting a good reliable employer (depends on the area i suppose) i've been doing agency work on-off for about 6/8 months it's hard work as "multi-drop" is the main 99% work, however i stoipped it as i did'nt want to risk losing my licence due to the fact that u can rack up points VERY easily doing agency work

hope you successful once you leave by the way
As beemer said, the UK plant licence scheme (CPCS) is in a dreadful mess at the moment. The scheme changed a few years ago, to encourage everybody to go down the NVQ route. This is OK for yooths, but hardly appropriate for expierenced older people. Employers do not accept the qualification as proof that you can do the job, it is simply an expensive 'tick the box' exercise. The authorities are in the middle of changing the scheme again, but to what no one is sure.

However, having the right CPCS cards is mandatory to work on major construction sites. You really need 3 to 4 different categories, the usual combination is mini excavator/site dumper/backhoe loader/ telehandler or excavator/articulated dump truck/wheel loader, depending upon what sector of the industry you want to work in.

If you've got a chance of H M Govt picking up the tab for all these different courses do it, but don't expect to get a job on the strength of it, employers want expierence of working on site. The annoying thing about the situation is that there is a shortage of plant operators in the UK, which is likely to get worse when the London Olympic site gets into full gear. It is also a well paid job.

My advice is start to make contact now with likely employers in the area. I would forget about the big construction companies; they tend not to run their own machines but use hired-in plant. The hire industry dominates the market, from the local enterprises with a few minis and site dumpers, to the big muck-shifting firms. However, manual handling rules are forcing a lot of other enterprises to use such kit; for instance landscape gardners and builders with mini excavators or mini tool carriers.

Being self-employed with a 4x4, a trailer and a 2-tonne mini excavator (with a few buckets and a breaker) is an option worth considering.
This may be a stupid question but have you had your resettlement interview with the IERO? If so, have you done the CTW? Your employment consultant at RRC Catterick may have useful info and also the local RFEA rep.
Most of the big utilites or their subbies are always on the look out for grab wagon drivers were in the Nth west are you looking to settle as I migth be able to point you in the direction of a few firms

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