Due to Drive to leconfield tommorrow but have a problem

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scottish_Gaz, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Im driving to leconfield tomorrow to start phase 2 training, but i have just bought my new car a few days ago and im still waiting on the v5 to be sent through but i have the new owners green slip for proof of purchase.

    But i havent yet received my new insurance certificate
    Ive been told that apparantely i need to show my V5c,
    MOT Certificate,Insurance Certificate and Tax Disk

    My problem is i wont have my insurance certificate until 1 day next week as well as my new V5c in my name

    On my day of passing out, i was told by my platoon commander that my starting date had changed from 28th march to 11th april so i had my travel warrant taking off me and told they would be sent via email along with joining instructions but i havent received these so i have no choice to drive but dont have all documents to prove to be allocated parking on camp
  2. Also i havent had any joining instructions either, i just know i need to be there before 4 like phase 1.

    Im worried encase i get there and im told that i cannot park my car but its thanks to me being able to drive that i can actually get myself there without having to pay full price for a train ticket.

    If i go there and explain, will i be allowed to show full document within that week once my wife sends them to me on camp?
  3. Didn't your insurance company send you confirmation of cover via email? If not ring them up and ask them to email it to you, print it off and take it with you, and your new owners green slip for proof of purchase should be enough until you recieve your new V5.
  4. Stop messing around on here and ring up Leconfield.
  5. I already thought that and i rang them today but they wont email me a copy of my cover note, all they said they can do is post it which is pointless or fax it but i dont have a fax machine or know of anyone or anywere so im really stuck atm
  6. I would to make things much easier and simple but i doubt id get anyone on a weekend that can actually answer my question but asking on this forum has been my last resort
  7. Ring fecking Leconfield, thats your first point of call, not bluddy arrse
  8. Then ring them again and explain the situation, they are obliged to at least email you some form of confirmation just in case you get pulled by rozzers.
  9. exactly my point, the guy wasnt helpful at all, i even explained my situation but told me nothing he can do for me which takes the p***.

    I just need to know whether leconfield will be strict on this kind of thing or if they willl allow me to provide the documents as soon as they are sent through
  10. aargghhhh Ring Leconfield and they will tell you.
  11. Thats easy then, ring Leconfield as advised, but I'd still ring your insurance AGAIN and speak to somebody else, they will send a simple email confirming cover.
  12. Take copies of what you've got, any reciepts and reference numbers, print outs of confirmation emails.

    Take your insurance coy phone number and the policy number of your insurance policy.
  13. i have full contact detail and policy number of my insurance that leconfield can contact on to confirm the car is fully insured.

    also i have green slip and receipt of date of purchase of the car which i can provide until a few days until original copies come through

    So this should be fine?
  14. Yes, if not they are just being cnuts.
  15. well its their fault as they didnt send me my travel warrant with new travel dates so im making my own way their using my own money to get there so last thing i need is them being cun** to me.

    End of the day they want proof of its insured, me supplying reference numbers and contact details is giving them proof they need to make what ever calls needed to see its insured in my name