Due to deploy - but as yet no information.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Army_Rizzle, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Im down to deploy to iraq on July 1st. As of yet I have still received no information. No mention of PDT/Optag, dont know who im going with etc.

    Is this normal.

    I pursuid the matter with the Ops Officer and he told me he has requested joining instructions for me again.

    It would be nice to have some concrete information for myself and so I can make plans for my family whilst I'm away.
  2. Joining instructions????
  3. well yes. Instructions for when and where im doing optag, and who im deploying with et.
  4. I fail to understand how you haven't got this info already? Are you TA being attached?
  5. Aren't they drawing it down on telic?

    maybe you aren't needed anymore and they havent bothered to tell you.

    I know it would be totally out of character for them to do that, but you never know eh.
  6. No I'm not TA. And yes they are drawing down. Im going out to strip the vehicles off CES and send on to afghan and Uk.

    All I know is, I was trawled.
  7. It sounds suspect to me.....not implying that you're lying....just that I find it hard to understand why someone doesn't know when you're off. Surely there must be a time for the waggons to be ready etc?
  8. huh? what waggons? Im going on my own.

    A clerk in my unit is going also on a trawl, shes going in a couple weeks and has only jus found out all the info.
  9. Aren't you going to strip vehicles of CES??
  10. oh sorry yes, misread lol.
  11. No worries. Have you spoken to your RAO? Is there a contact in theatre that you can reach?
  12. All individual trawls have to be ratified by the No7 in Glasgow. I think the signal is due out this Friday and hopefully then followed by joining instructions from APC. But...if Rizzle is smart he'll get his boss to phone up OPTAG and RTMC to book courses. The 6 P's and all that.