Due posting. 1 Mech, 12 Mech, 10 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by teawhitetwosugers, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, anyone who has recently been in either unit in recent years.

    Im after what what sort of jobs and work nature go on. Accomadation for pads - and singlies
    Would be great if anyone could shed some light :bounce:
  2. Job spec is Comms Sy Op.
  3. Avoid 1 Mech like the plague, the Brigadier has some peculiar ideas.
  4. 10 Sigs 225 Sqn for you then. Been quite a few years since I was there when it was ECM. The lads and lassies there like it most of the time work hard play hard attitude but like any unit can be made better depending on SHQ.

    I know the new Badge at 12 Mech. Top guy so the unit will prob be good to work at.
  5. What's wrong with their hierarchy then?
  6. Nothing! I have no idea what the hierarchy is like. It's been a few years since I was there.
  7. 1 Mech's in Tidworth. I'd rather be posted to the Orkneys to count waves for 22 years than ever live in Tidworth again.

    Bulford (12 Mech) isn't far behind.
  8. Don't mock the Orkneys. I used to live just across the water from there for a year and spent a lot of time over there!!!

    Lovely place though a bit windy!
  9. And probably easier to leave by road than Tidworth too!
  10. 1 & 12 mechs will be your standard Bde Sig Sqn fuckaround fest, I know a few guys at both and they constantly moan about it, most of them have signed off too. Also, don't know about Tidworth, but the Pads in Bulford are a complete lottery. The only nice ones are on Picton Bks and they've just been renovated. I'm currently in the flats and it's like a rough council estate. I would ask to move, but then I'd end up getting put onto the new Canadian estate that is still being built. They've just whacked the houses up without letting the foundations set, they're flimsy pre-fabricated boxes with bricks around them and once they've finished building them they go to grade 1, so say hello to £500 a month quarter charges.

    10 Sigs is dependant on which part you want to go to. 605Tp in Andover is a good job, but the heirarchy leave a lot to be desired and a couple of mates there have been working some mental shifts including weekends and BH's in the run up to the Olympics. Corsham is supposed to be good, as is 225 (I was there the same time as SgtSlaughter), but be prepared to go on tour with 225.
  11. Was the best 1* I ever worked for back in 2006/8. Agree that the Comd has a big influence on the Sqn

    Munch Me
  12. Fixed that for you.

    No charge :)

  13. I heard good things about the previous Brigadiers, but the current one is of the 9/12 Lancers variety. I think he went to sleep in 1988 and then woke up about 6 months ago to take over as the commander.
  14. Haha, good point, well presented.
  15. Armour is the way forward was a bad idea getting rid of all your BD!

    Munch Me