Due on CMT3(V) Course soon

Hello all,

My partner serves with my unit as a medic. She's due on her CMT3(V) course very soon, and other than the very vague notes on her JIs, she's not quite sure what exactly to expect in Aldershot.

Could any of you fine gentlemen & ladies detail what she can expect to be faced with, and what she will cover in her 2 week course, and any other info you may think would benefit her?

Thanks in advance for your input :)

It's a pretty decent course and not too taxing (unless you are a complete mong!).

There's a bit of Anatomy and Physiology and then your basic first aid type stuff. CPR, minor haemorage control and Spinal imobilisation are covered, along with some more med centre type stuff like blood presure and how to take a temperature.

When I went it was quite relaxed as long as you didn't arrse about. No real inspections or anything like that and the permanent staff have their hands full dealing with the regs on camp to really worry you.

Most of the time is lectures and practicals and the class rooms with a bit of out-door type stuff to ease the boredom!

Accom is pretty average and the cook house was rubbish. The NAAFI can be a bit pump to (but expect it to be one of their 'birthdays' for a bit of a stupid party...)

I had a great time on the course and was on the piss most nights. We even got a day off I think. There's a few (shite) pubs near by and be carefull going to potters. Nearly got hit by a car coming back from there (dark road, loads of trees, no pavement and me zig-zagging...)

All in all it's not to bad at all!

I can dig out my course notes etc if she want's any help (and I live close so she can stay with me if there's a day off :twisted: )


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