Due an mobile upgrade wondering wat the hell i should get!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ulsterman82, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. My phones due an upgrade so im painfully deciding which phone i should go for next! i currently have the the Nokia N95 it is the best phone ive ever had by far! Does anyone think i should go for the N95 8Gb because i cant seem to find any other phone that can match the N95 at all! Any help would be appriciated! thanks
  2. yeah, go the 8gb version. not alot else around at the moment, unless you wanna look like a gay chav and get the samsung armani phone.
  3. I've got it (N95-8GB) and I love it! Gadgets galore!
  4. there ya go. question answered!
  5. I just asked for the most expensive one..........................got the N95

    I don't know how it works, it has two cameras and I keep hanging up on people but not (if you know what I mean) Its got the loudest ring tone and message alert I've ever heard and I can't turn it down.

    I'll give it a week before I sit on it in my back pocket and crack the screen

    Apart from that its ok. Pulls hair out
  6. Get one where yo can not only MAKE calls, but RECEIVE them as well. You can get them now where they are cordless, and you can receive and make calls on the move

    I believe they are called mobile telephones

    They are really good. :wink:
  7. Rather than start a thread of my own, I am also in the market for a new mobile phone.
    Requirements are:
    Incoming\outgoing calls (obvious ehh!)
    text messaging
    Voice mail
    Squaddie\skjold proof
    My phones seem to need replacing on an above normal basis, and the boss is getting annoyed. I have the ability to break it as soon as look at it.
    Any ideas. Smoke signals and paper cups with string have already been tested.

  8. If you want something really modern - go for Bowman

    errrr....I`ll get my coat


    Mobile phones are the only thing where Men argue about who has the smallest....
  9. The phone I had before this one was ideal, simple calls and texts. made of rubber and could just about bounce, a bit waterproof (didn't fancy trying that one out)

    Its the nokia job they call the "builders phone" even when I smashed the screen it still worked perfectly

    You can get em on Ebay as refurbed models, i'll get a link wait out

    builders phone
  10. N95 is a good choice, but the N95 8Gb has lost the card slot so no memory upgrade there... this thing however is due to hit the markets later this year and maybe worth a wait?

    Whichever phone you decide on though dont upgrade in the shop... go and have a 'recce and hands on' there, decide on the phone etc yes... but then walk.... and ring up your provider's 'we dont want ya to leave us' dept. Go off on one about crap service, network reception's pants etc etc and see what they will do to stop you going to the opposition.... after some hard negotiation, do a deal...... its amazing the really good discounts you can get as well as top of the range phones on upgrade without having to pay the 'upgrade' fee........... :wink:
  11. I used to have an N95, but the battery life and constant crashing put me off it. Picked up the iPhone from the US and it really is the best phone i have ever used.

    I couldn't go back now to a phone with buttons, and WAP, when you can use proper websites (less flash).

    You can use them on any network, despite what silly O2 would have you believe. Mine is on Orange.
  12. You'll be laughing out of the other side of your arrse if you sit down with it still in your back pocket. They're about as sturdy as a poppadum in a blender.
  13. If you're after a cheap dependable phone then the Sony Ericsson K200i comes highly recommended. My 2 year old daughter's been trying to chew and drop kick it to death for the last year or so and it still works fine. It has a built in walkman, and was going for about £35, last I checked.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    as sanpper said, the N96 is due out - with 16gb storage as standard and still has the card slot if you need extra.
    no camera cover though. :(