Dudley Council bans pigs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Wibble! What more can you say?


  2. The police are fcuked then! :D

    Personally, I think its wrong. For those of us out in the Middle East, Ramadan starts today and we have to observe their rules in public so the muslims should fcuking observe western and christian ways of life. They should tolerate and accept the beliefs of people in the UK/Ireland/ Europe etc,etc. It is my ambition in life to convince the RAF to parachute in a load of pigs over Mecca and Medina.
  3. (Insert obvious and lazy joke about the physical appearance and demeanour of local women here.)
  4. What the fcuk!! Acceptance of their beliefs, what about acceptance of my beliefs!!!!!!!!! I love bacon butties, pork roast etc etc. We are in a country where the national religion is christianity, DEAL WITH IT. We don't go to muslim countries and instist they all must eat roast pork on a sunday because that is not their culture in their country. We respect that and i have no problem with it. Now respect us in our country! I'm all for diversity of religion, but not when it goes against the main populus!!!!!!!

    What does it mean to be British now???

    Sorry, that won't make much sense, I'm too angry to put down a coherent reply!

  5. Well, since they disapprove of representations of anything living (people, animals, birds - hence their carpets are all geometrical patterns), it's only a matter of time before the National Portrait Gallery has to destroy all its paintings. The place can then be turned into another Mosque.

    A bacon buttie is the antidote.
  6. It's a possibility, but unfortunately it won't happen during Friday prayers for obvious reasons.
  7. and also the fact the RAF don't 'do' Fridays! Only Mon-Thurs 0900 -1500 :D
  8. And in the very week when the latest powers-that-be report tells us that this multi-culturalism approach is what has led to the alienation of the asian youth which has then prompted them to explode in enclosed spaces.
  9. 'and also the fact the RAF don't 'do' Fridays! Only Mon-Thurs 0900 -1500'

    Is that not a little rich coming from our dark-blue brethren? Have you ever tried to contact HQ Fleet on a Friday? To quote Brian Potter, 'It's not happening!'
  10. That's what I was getting at.

    You'd Better scratch Monday morning off the planner too, Parish notes normally finish just in time for a quick call on the dial-a-mate and then a 3 hour martini lunch. Wed pm can be a bit tricky too due to sporting activity and Thursday we need to be back early, there's a beer call. Dave and Andy have interviews with Virgin on Tuesday, so probably the best that we can do for you is seven weeks Wednesday, between 1045 and 1100- if the a/c if servicable. Oh, hang on a moment- nah mate, no can do. Sorry. OC Ops has arranged for a shopping for the wives to Edinburgh.

    Sorry, when do you want it again? :D

    (Currently conjouring a mental picture of Lyneham/Brize snowdrops and movers trying to herd pigs. :lol: )
  11. It's happened because there is a sufficient muslim lobby in local goverment and their PC accolytes to push this sort of c*ap. Tie this in with the screws at Wakefield prison being unable to wear St George cross tie pins for charity because it upset the muslim prisoners and it can only get worse.
  12. The pigs are getting impatient!!!! Fcuking hurry up movers!

  13. Have jsut written to them via their website to basically ask what they think their doing. Will be interesting to see if i get a reply!
  15. Presumably no-one has told Dudley Council that they're now discriminating against followers of Varahi (A boar faced goddess who guards Nepali temples, if I remember correctly)...