Duck Feeding Outlawed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. How the Duck is this Ducking news?

  2. Its no wonder it took until 0330 to get out of Portsmouth after Trafalgar 200 the other night, the Ducking council are a bunch of Cnuts.
  3. The problem with 'stories' like this is that they have been subjected to spin. Nowhere in the article does it mention that feeding ducks has been outlawed, merely banned in a certain place. Is this really any different to the ban on feeding seagulls on some beaches and feeding pigeons in some city centres? I prefer 'Portsmouth City Council Takes Sensible Measures To Safeguard Public Health' as the headline here.

    As for the old ladies, just because they are old biddies does not excuse they from breaking public byelaws and IMO it is right that they have been warned that they might face a fixed fine (note how the choice of phrase alters the reader's perception of the situation). Should they be treated differently to anyone else who does the same?

    In any case, anyone who shoots rats or knows about Weil's disease will know it is a rather unpleasant and potentially fatal condition. If there was an outbreak of leptospirosis, I'm certain the press would take a different viewpoint in their article (remember the closure of Butlins a few years back). I would rather some old ladies got fined for feeding ducks than have a kid die as a result of Weil's disease outbreak in a public swimming pool.
  4. You won't get an outbreak of weils disease in a public swimming pool. It can't survive in a chlorinated enviroment. Part of my job involves working in a weils disease (Leptospirosis) risk area, I have to carry a card that informs medical staff of this. I also have to teach about the risk and effects, of the 50 or so cases a year, over 70% are caused by a cattle born strain not by Rats. ( not saying its a nice thing to happen) IIRC its been over 30 years since the last death, and that was by the cattle born strain.

    I just think its all abit much, the Enforcemaet officer can get out and warn them in 24 hours, yet if your local greasy spoon is tipping waste down the drains they couldnt give a damn.
  5. Well if they'd been feeding pigeons, I'd be right behind the Council.
  6. Leptospirosis is a real nasty and of course they should prevent it... but lets not threaten 3 old ladies with fines, explain it to them or some one who can get thru to them if they are a little lost/ not with it in their old age... its a funny old world where the real nasties are not jailed or fined harshly, but are let out and let off etc and the 3 old ladies are threatened with fines! You wonder how inadequate the council types are to feel so small they have to wield their "power" over 3 harmless pensioners...
  7. Another instance of fixing the symptom and not the problem.

    Too many ducks means too much duck shit which means someone has to clean it up or little old ladies fall over. Instread of reducing the duck numbers by converting them into pies they stop people feeding them in the vague hope that the ducks will go elsewhere.

    God made them tasty for a reason.
  8. Absolutely spot on. Turns out they were overfeeding the buggers which left waste around the feeding place. Council merely doing their job - bit over the top maybe but hardly national news. Council have relented a bit - now it's "Feed but don't overfeed the buggers"
    The News loves a scrap with the council - since it changed to a tabloid format it thinks it's the fcuking bluetop Scum.

    Don't hear much about the crappy roads, (the A3 should be the B3333 it's so bad) falling down bridges or diabolical planning permissions though. Requires some thought and research.

  9. Isn't this a case of some jumped up council worker getting ideas above his station, threatening the old dears with a fine for something they have been doing quite innocently for a number of years is a bit OTT, surely a quiet freindly chat and a request to feed the ducks elsewhere would have been more appropriate.

  10. Sounds quackers to me.

    I'll get my coat.
  11. I agree with you completely but how do we know that is not what happened? Some journo gets a hold of this and all of a sudden the old ladies were threatened, maybe even harrassed by said council worker. Firearms may even have been involved. I'm going over the top now but you get my point. Journalistic integrity is too rare these days and not even the BBC is exempt from that.
  12. I recently watched a program on pidgeons as pests on the German-French channel Arte. There they showed the Swiss City of Zurich, which has a major problem with pidgeons, which sh*t everywhere and spread diseases, so much that the city council had to hire a bloke, who walks through the town at night time with a .22 rifle with a scope and supressor, shooting pidgeons at their sleeping sites. They showed a council worker giving an old biddy repeated warnings not to feed pidgeons, but she turns up every day with a huge bin liner full of stale bread to feed "the poor starving birdies".


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  13. Need a slight change in the exterminator's ROE methinks
  14. Feed the biddies to the ducks. Feed the ducks to the biddies, you chose which.

    Either way solves the problem