Duchess of York charged

Poor old Fergie in the proverbial shite again, can't she do anything without totally feckin' things up?

The Duchess and her daughter Princess Eugenie visited the orphanage near Ankara while making a film for the ITV Tonight programme in 2008.

The court accused her of going "against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy" of five children.

She faces a maximum term of more than 22 years in prison if convicted.
BBC News - Duchess of York charged by Turkey over orphans film

Looks as if she's in line to be someone else's bitch. :)
22 years for filming some snotty brats on the sly seems a bit stiff but the law's the law!
I bet the BBC are having a laugh as it'll actually be the producer of the show who carries the can - not Fergie.

I'd have thought the Turks would be happy to forget the whole thing as they're already on shaky ground with regards to Human Rights - a whole lot of fuss about kids tied to beds isn't going to help their EU prospects.
The Turks have achieved the impossible, and made Fergie look like a beacon of honesty and integrity by comparison. Didn't that shitehawk Blair try to get them into the EU, or was he just angling for a fee?


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I'm sure a Turkish prison won't be the first time her Arrse has been abused by a foreigner
Fucking posh fuckers the of you. I'd do Fergie and her daughters. Lush they are. Fucking lush. Especially Fergie and that ginger snatch dripping with ginger juices mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I'm up for the three of them in a oner.


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They are tying Turkeys to beds??? Not free range then.

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