Duchess of Cambridge painting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skunkmiester, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. I wonder how much the artist was paid for this.
    He has managed to paint a picture that turns quite a lovely looking lass into a bloke in a dress. I have seen better looking bootnecks doing their lippy n mascara on a Thursday night in Blondz.


    BBC News - Kate portrait: First official painting revealed
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  2. He can come and do my bathroom if he likes? 'Bout all he's good for...
  3. I can't quite decide whether it makes her look like an ageing, debauched hippie with an arseful of lemons, or a fortysomething barmaid after a heavy night.

    Either way, the artist should be hanged. Treason or Crimes against Painting, I'm not fussy which.
  4. yep, definitely at 50 year old after a tequila shot.
  5. Poor gal must be gutted after seeing it.

    The artist should be gutted, then hung.
  6. I prefer his earlier work:

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  7. Philistines the lot of you. It was put best by an expert in the field and I quote

    So there.
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  8. She has an odd look on her face, can't decide whether she has farted and followed through or it's a smug smile.
  9. She's no oil painting herself.
  10. I think it looks like a bloke with a wig on
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  11. What's the point of photoreal paintings anyway? Just take a sodding photo.

    Not that I'm a great fan of interpretative art, but if there are going to be court painters I'd sooner see some representation of the spirit of the Duchess, even if it's just bright colours and swirls, then see her rendered in oils looking like Ilse Koch with PMT.
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  12. Here's my attempt.

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  13. That is actually more like her than that painting.
  14. I've just read somewhere that they managed to mixed up the painting of the duchess with one of Helen Lederer