Dubya Refuses to investigate voting irregularities

the White House has ignored please to investigate possible voting manipulation in a controversial online electoral process...

election officials claim that full security measures were in place to prohibit voter manipulation or vote stacking, but questions remain that the process was subverted based on the outcomes announced...

Such was the controversy that the IRA, in a further bid to win popularity, offered to 'top ' the candidate at the centre of the dispute.. Officials decried that response claiming it wasn't the person who was at fault, but the tainted voting process...

No one is disputing the legitimacy of the winning candidate, and, although there was some grumbling over the second place winner, the majority agreed that the number two candidate could claim the spot legally, as well..

It was in the third place position that the cry of fraud was raised. 15 million votes were cast and focus groups, exit polls and other measurements did not predict the outcome, leading to speculation that there was vote buying or other irregularities in the counting..

One voter claimed: " There's no %^&*$ way that she could have won.. Hell she doesn't even have any tee-its! "

The fuss is all over the FHM magazine's vote for Sexiest Woman in the World..

first place went to Angelina Jolie, with Jennifer Garner taking a grudging second, but third place was accorded to Paris Hilton over Charlize Theron [ 4th ] and Halle Berry [ 5th ] causing the backlash among the voters.

The whole process was condemned by the Focus on the Family Group ,but their claim of outrage was blunted by the fact that a significant number of votes came from the Bible Belt regions.

follow up results placed Alyssa Milano [ 6 ] , Teri Hatcher [ 7] Pamela Anderson [ 8 ] Scarlett Johansson [ 9 ] and Lindsay Lohan [ 10 ]...

Social scientists note that voting has reflected the aging demographic in that mature women , Pammy [ age 35 ] and Teri [ age 40 ] made the top ten...

FHM spokespersons denounced accusations of fraud pointing out that the security measures eliminated last year's aberration completely, when Britney Spears won 1st place.. This year she didn't even make the cut..

While the winning candidate, Angelina, greatfully acknowledged the honour, she refused to be drawn in to the arguments over the third place finish for Paris Hilton
Outrageous that voting irregularities in such a serious and important election such as that one would not be investigated.

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