Going to Dublin with the missus for a few days in a fortnight. Apart form the Guiness brewery any recomendations on decent pubs. Preferably with music.


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The Guinness brewery (the hop store) is a good spot to go,

you can also go to the old Jameson distellery at Smithfield

this is only a walk from the Hop Store or a short jaunt on the Luas (local tram)

I take it you are staying in DUblin itself - then cess pit that it is, Temple Bar is

a good spot- on the firinges of it are some nice restaraunts

For a good spot to go for a few beers and a bit of ceol craic agus caint (this is Irish for Music, fun and chat)

there is a pub in Temple Bar called Oliver St John Gogarty's- they have traditional Irish Music on the second

floor by a Ceidhli (Irish type band) group.

On the ground floor they have ordinary 80's and 90's music- its a grown up pub and NORMALLY well run.

It also full of foreigners and you will see sleaze bags like me on the hunt in there for the wounded

member of the hen party usually for some reason from Scunthorpe.- I digress,

Mrs SCruff could shop to her hearts content along Grafton Steet but most of the shops could be transplanted

from any UK high street- there are loads and loads of good Dublin pubs that show Sky Sports etc for you

or you could pay a trip to Arbour Hill Church- it contains British War Graves nd the Graves of the leaders of

the 1916 Rising.

Dublin is a nice city but like every city there are scumbags-

if your coming over for more than a fw days - head down the Country to the real Ireland,

enjoy yourself and leave the chubby Scunthorpe girls for me.


I went to Dublin a couple of years ago and the Guiness Brewery was high on my list, unfortunately though it was closed on Saturdays.


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I meant to say

Collins Barracks Museum-

Its on the Luas as well and just across the Lifey from Guinnesses,

it currently has a great exhibition called Soldiers and CHiefs

it traces the history of the British Army in Ireland (lets say no more on that bit)

but it also covers us lads in your Army and has some good interactive displays,

The interesting thing about the Museum is- up to the 1990's it was the oldest occupied Barracks in Europe

and I was based there as well,

I would check the opening hours and its not open on a Monday


scruff_1 said:
Going to Dublin with the missus for a few days in a fortnight. Apart form the Guiness brewery any recomendations on decent pubs. Preferably with music.

My missis is from Dublin.
The's one I know of by the canal near Landsdown Rd called 'The Schoolhouse Brea'
Wait out.


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Good spot Spike

but it is a stnad alone place- nice grub and a nice few beers,

but its a bit away from the action,
I went a couple of years ago.

Its pretty much closed one day of the week, I'm sure its monday. We caught a bus tour, one of those hop on hop off ones.

The guiness "brewery" tour is basically a factory thats been converted to an audio visual experience and is a waste of £15

The prison tour is well worth it although I didnt broadcast that I was in the forces, thought provoking nontheless.

Nice place but touristy
Dublin is great. Temple Bar is a good spot with quite a few pubs with traditional music.


Fitzers have nice restaurants


My best Dublin Restaurant is Diep


If you fancy a spin on da Dart from Connolly Station go out to Malahide for a wee spin. It's 20 mins and has lovely pubs for a spot of lunch and a nice walk in the Marina or Estuary.


Forgot to add Cafe en Seine on Dawson Street (Parallel to Grafton St) is a lovely cafe bar and uber chic.

Northside try Pravda and Zanzibar on the Liffey for a late one. Southside try The Barge on Charlemont Street, Odeon Bar on harcourt Street, and of course, the famous Copper Face Jacks nightclub, again on Harcourt Street and walking distance (not tab) to St Stephen's Green.
hedgie said:
Copper Face Jacks

full of Gaurds and Nurses

its actually has more blow-ins and tourists but hey - the place is legend! :p
hedgie said:

I meant to say

Collins Barracks Museum-

is the great big teapot still on display upstairs and is General McKeon's uniform still in a glass case ther. I reallly liked the Museum and spent a fair while there.


From the missus

They could check out these sites though which are good for event listing, pub and restaurant guides:


There's another good site called www.menupages.ie which has a list of restaurants in an area. You can search it by cuisine type or area and you can access their menus and see peoples reviews.

The Jameson Film Festival is on in February but they're probably heading down here before that.

Hope that helps!


Dublin Castle is quite interesting if you like to hear about Great Britain (the great Satan) being slagged off for an hour on the guided tour. The building is impressive. The guide had great pride in saying that some anti-British Irish Freedom Fighter (terrorist) has been imprisoned there for 6 years without food and water etc.

Yea Ok we Brits always did house top terrorists in palatial castles! As for Irish Pubs try Liverpool, they are much more authentic there. Cheers.


Very interesting postings! If I have read them correctly, the best thing to do is start off with the brewery tour then visit few pubs near by. After few beers inside you, go on a tour around Dublin Castle and get slagged off because some son of Ireland manged to live without food or water for six years whilst being put up in the Castle - well at least he didn't have to fly Ryanair


Good bar is John P Mulligan, Poolbeg Street Dub 2. South over O'Connell Street Bridge, hang a left, first right and left again. It''s excellent. No modern frippery, no food, no music, just brill.

You might want to try Morans (aka O'Sheas) on the corner of Talbot Street and Lower Gardener Street. Good food and plenty of varied music. Just watch out for the wirey little fecker behind the bar - hates the English. Everyone else fine though.

Also excellent restaurant called '101' at no 101 Talbot Street opposite a great butchers shop by the name of F.X.Buckley. (You must buy some white pudding)

If cheese is your thing, then try Sheridan's on Dame Street (I think(off Grafton Street)). Mahoosive selection of local cheeses served by perople who know what they are on about.

Good place to stay is The Town House on Lower Gardener Street. No bar though.

As usual (in Ireland anyway) most of these places have a websites.

Have a great time !! :p

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