Dublin march-past will romanticise IRA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Dublin march-past 'will romanticise IRA'
    By Tom Peterkin, Ireland Correspondent
    (Filed: 15/04/2006)

    The sight of 2,500 troops marching through Dublin tomorrow to mark the 90th anniversary of 1916 Easter Rising is intended to honour the patriot dead whose heroic sacrifice led to the foundation of modern Ireland.



  2. While I can see why people would think it'll romanticise the IRA the real aim of the march is here...

    ...and that's a very positve thing.

  3. This is only an issue because of the 'troubles' in the North. The IRA (IRB really) which took part in the 1916 Rising has nothing to do with the eejits who are running drugs in the North now. The original 'Freedom Fighters' have been romanticised for 90 years anyway in the lore of Eireann's history. Both sides of the original IRA who split to fight for the right to rule Ireland in the Civil War are now the two major political parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

    In my opinion, as a black Protestant Northerner (who has a bit of common sense) is that Ireland, as a sovereign nation, has the absolute right to celebrate what was the beginning of its independence - even if I don't agree with the history of it.
  4. What GDav said.

    Look at the current Irish Army cap badge. Compare and contrast with the crowd of guerillas mucking around in the early 20th century. You will see that they are successors.

  5. I agree. One of the myths which the Stickies and PIRA (and others) tried to promote is that they were the natural successors to the original Dail Eireann - they weren't. That battle was fought in the South and the anti-treaty forces lost and a peace was established - a peace which exists to this day. Those who did NOT agree with the peace were the ones who tried to say they were in the right, despite the fact that both sides came to an agreement. That's why PIRA etc call themselves Oglaigh na Eireann (the army of Ireland) which is the official title of the Irish Army. They are trying to glorify their claim and assert their objective of "A United, Socialist Republic of Ireland". In other words, their prinicple aim was firstly to fight the British out of the North and unite the country then.................................!
    (fill in dotted lines with your own guess).
  6. thier own little cuba????
  7. You've got it. The original revolution was led by intellectuals, romantics and the Gaelic league. Today's lot are nothing more than latchycoes - feckin corner boys. They worked on the Marxist principle that you firstly got the 'hearts and minds' which is why they assert that they 'defended' West Belfast during the sectarian riots of the 1960's. They don't tell you that they actually caused the riots in the first place by causing civil disturbance through the Civil Rights Movement which they formed for exactly that purpose.
  8. Didn't the Irish Army have IV or something on their buttons that meant Irish Volunteer from those times?

    Obviously we aren't talking about the provos, continuity, true, real or any of the other A-Z crackpots that have cropped up. But the originals, or as they are sometimes refered to, theold IRA (not the stickies). Any organisation post 1922 (ie the Official IRA, then the provos) with that name is a paramilitary force and as such should not be compared to the Irish Army, or the IRA from 1919-1922.

    Wikipedia for for info....

    The Irish Defence Forces

    Irish Republican Army (1919 - 1920)

    From the wiki.

    The Sun shape at the rear was a traditional emblem worn by Irish warriors.
    The Star was added to balance the badge, and has no significance.
    The Belt is a Irish Warrior belt, around which is written "Óglaigh na hÉireann" or in English "Volunteers of Ireland".
    The FF stands for "Fianna Fail" (apologies for spelling) which I can't remember what it stands for.
    Edit 2 to add. Fianna Fail translates literally as "Soldiers of Ireland" but is generally translated as "Soldiers of Destiny", have a feeling Destiny is in relation to the political party, the IDF uses "Soldiers of Ireland.

    Basically be cast iron over who or what you are talking about or embarresing confusion may arise!!!!

    Edit to fix links.
  9. personally I don't think there is a 'true successor' to the IRB/Irish Volunteers/Irish Citizen Army of 1916 or the IRA of 1919-1922. The IRA split with the Treaty, and essentially ceased to exist, creating two new organisations (the Irregulars and the Free State Army) in my view. I think its pretty pathetic for Fianna Fail to go around claiming the Irish Defence Forces are the true Oglaigh na hEireann when Fianna Fail claimed the Irregulars and later the IRA were the true Oglaigh na hEireann up until World War Two - remember that DeValera legalised the IRA, in the 30s, allowing the IRA to exist as a legal organisation while the Irish Defence Forces remained the official armed forces of the state.

    That said, as pathetic as I think the claim is, if the government don't claim the IDF is the true heir to the 'old' IRA, then morons will view the PIRA or CIRA as the true heir.
  10. "Soldiers Of Ireland"
  11. that's quite the claim. Are you saying you believe men like Gerry Fitt were in the IRA?
  12. The two factions agreed to disagree after the civil war however and engaged in politics. Ergo the true successors of the IRB/IRA are those two political parties. From where I'm standing the title Oglaigh na Eireann must have been agreed in the Dal, therefore it is an official title, endorsed by both factions but with the mandate of the people who elected the TD's who voted on the title. It's democratically sound.

    The probme with Ireland however is that there's always some smaller breakaway group which will tell you that the bigger groups have all got it wrong and that they (the smaller grouping) is right and you must follow them for they are the only true saviours of Ireland from the British and from themselves, yada yada yada.
  13. It's not a claim my friend, it's historical fact, and while certainly not decrying a good man like Gerry Fitt there is no doubt these days that the Civil Rights Movement was formed by the Official IRA in conjunction with the Wolfe Tone society of Dublin for the express purpose of creating enough civil disturbance in the north to bring down the unionist government. Official IRA members and Wolfe Tone Society members were predominant in the founding members.

    There should be enough material to be gleaned from the net to substantiate what I've written.
  14. There was a fair bit of orchastration behind most of the riots in NI. Somebody had to do it. And where there is orchastrtion there is often preparation.