Dublin ID's Sinn Fein Members

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. Three Sinn Fein members were ID by the Irish Justice minister as being part of the iRA. Justice Minister Michael McDowell identified Adams, McGuinness and Martin Ferris as IRA army council members.
  2. Hang on old boy, those are Blairs mates aren't they, surely tosspot Blair wouldn't be friends with...IRA men....no vote for Blair from me then.
  3. This gets better and better.

    The Shinners are squirming over this whole series of events. The robbery and McCartney murder are finaly showing them for what they are, despite the governments counter propaganda.

    I am still loving it.

    Given that in the ROI, you can be convicted of membership of a proscribed organisation on the say so only of a Garda Superintendent, will be see these scum arrested and imprisoned on their next visit?
  4. Good old Martin has once agai denied (Radio 4 Today Prog this AM) being in the Army Council. Lets get the proof in the open and finally hang the ba88743rd.
  5. Well its about bloody time that the irish govt make said something like this. There has been an unnerving silence from them on these matters for the last few years.

    Unsurprisingly, McGuiness denied the accusation, by avoiding answering the question and passing the blame onto the UK and Irish govts. He said that this was the work of a group of people who did not want to see NI become part of Ireland and that they have a vested interest in the peace process failing (ie, them being kept in power) but as far as im aware, they will remain in power should the peace process suceed or fail.

    Taxi for McGuiness! :roll:

    Talk about a bllody gravy train. £500,000 for 4 MP's (who use the money to spout hatred about the irish and uk govt and most likely fund terrorism.) Thats taking the urine!. Next we will be funding some crazy islamic fundamentalist MP from Birmingham should the be elected by the people! :evil:
  7. I wonder if he'll continue to deny it if they are ever given gratuity and a pension?
  8. At bloody last someone's had the balls to say in public what has been known for years.

    Bet they wont get Royal Commissioned or hung out to dry though
  9. No, they won't be hung out to dry. Ahern has made it clear that he wants Provisional Sinn Fein involved in the processes of Government North and South come hell or high water; he's deeply afraid of them.

    I loved Adams' remarks at Strabane that the republican movement has never been involved in criminality of any sort. I can't imagine what category his twisted mind puts the thousands of armed robberies, thousands of murders, hundreds of massacres and hundreds of thousands of woundings his gangsters have committed in the last four decades. 'Military Operations', I suppose.