Dubious History of German Kasernes

Those of us who have served in Geramny will have heard what the liberating Allies (supposedly) found when they got to Herford, Lippstadt, Celle & Verden, etc. (ie all of our current or old garissons).

The stories of flooded Panzer garages that the divers refused to talk about and the tunnels that linked Herford Garrison Church to the Bismark and Wentworth Bks. Also the arms caches found in the Bismark woods, up by the Route 2 (ahh, the memories of running round those woods!)

Come on. Tell us what you heard, then let others either corroborate it or tear it apart as urban myths.
I've heard the flooded garage stories about all the camps in Herford and Bradbury Barracks in Krefeld. I also suspect its a bunch of arrse.

Someone once told me a story about JHQ being an SS camp during the war, mass graves the lot. Considering it wasnt even built until after the war, i doubt it very much.

When I arrived at Churchill Bks, Lippstadt I was told that the locals hated our guts because they suffered the worst effects of the Dam Busters raid, it being in the Rhur Valley but I always found them friendly and welcoming. The area around the Bks was predominantly cobblestones and it was reputed that because they where laid by British POW's, they laid them upside down. Don't know if it was true but they where a barsteward in the wet.
Richmond bks in Bielefeld had flooded cellars.

These were shut off by big steel doors but there was about a half meter at the top and 20 cms at the bottom were the doors were fitted very liberally!

When it rained heavily, the water supped up and there was an amount of water in the cellar, didn´t really bother anyone but it stunk.

The Cantten Frau, a really old ugly woman told me and others (several times) that the Germans used to ship the jews and other undesirables off to the death camps from there as it was away from public eyes and right on the rail tracks, in fact the railway had a proper stop there but wasn´t used when I was there).

She also said that the cellar was linked to the german army and SS HQ at, better said, under the berliner platz!

This was flooded by the germans in 1944 and no more transports were carried out. (this was true, a plaque was present)

Rumour had it that several hundred people were killed by the man made flood. Don´t know if that was true, the cellars were a horrid scary and spooky place to work alone mind!
The cellars in Wentworth wernt particularly spooky, but i had one room which used to glow in the dark. It had some sort of mould growing out of the walls that was phosphresant, and got the health and safety guy a little hot and bothered. I still blame it for my inability to father children :wink:

there is a building in Roberts bks in Osnabruck that is flooded and surrounded by a 10ft fence topped with razor wire.

it is supposed to be haunted/flooded and filled with tanks and other vehicles as well as the boddies of soldiers and others who worked within this building. Again it is right on the rail head.

Funny thing is though this building is flanked by others which are being used by the forces for youth clubs brownies and the the estate wardens, and they are not flooded. though the cellars are supposed to be linked.
Another story I have heard is that there is a tunnel from the round house at Hohne to Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

Again flooded and supposed to be the escape route of german officers/or the cos walkway to the mess

Apperently 4 RE divers went down to see where it went. Only one returned babbling about ghosts, his dark hair turned white. The others were never found so it is told...........ohhhhhhhhh this stuff should be told on Halloween.

Another story is that the roads from Fallingbostal to Hohne (tank roads, again cobbles) where built by prisoners from Belsen when people died building it, they built right over the top the bodies. It is supposed to be the most haunted road in Europe.

But if you belive that you are a bigger mug than I am for listening to these stories
I remember at Brook Bks in Berlin, Having some new garages built, And our Turkish workmen found a shit load of Unexploded ordnance, Plus some of the old poison gas still in its rusty tins!. This got BHQ into a bit of a flap. Turned out to be tinned food, and dumped British ordnance!!!
Spandau Jail was supposed to be haunted. Apparently Sanger 3 was the worst, tails of Solders topping themselves, All I remember is been cold and bored, However you did get a view of Rudolf Hess when he came out for his morning stroll.
Dont remember too much about any stories from Lippstadt to be honest, and i have to say having spent quite a few years there i cant see the Dambuster bit being too true given that Lippstadt is a fair bit higher than the Mohne Dam and it flows away from Lippstadt.

However i do know that it was a Flak Kaserne and that it took a bit of a battering, 4 Sqn's bar (Jaques) was in the famous Morgue and i cant remember how many different stories i had heard about different people parading around as ghosts there after the war :D
If you turn the piccy upside down, do the black panties and bra slowly disapear to reveal the goodies? :wink:

boney_m said:
If you turn the piccy upside down, do the black panties and bra slowly disapear to reveal the goodies? :wink:

No but you get funny looks from the cleaning ladies as they walk past your office door to see you turning your laptop upside down :twisted:

Well it was worth a go :wink:
Celle barracks was meant to have had some SS 'die hards' who refused to come out and were drowned by our lads in '45.... the usual stories of ghosts, and the same one as earlier on the thread about RE divers seeing the bodies. Also, Celle had 2 big towers above the main entrance, one of them was meant to be the site of numerous suicides and various ghosties.

I have to say, the barracks (a great big Gothic red brick horror) looked like some kind of Hammer film set. It richly deserved it's creepy stories, even f they weren't true. When I arrived one dark and stormy night, I went up to the main door (being ignorant) and knocked. I was ages there, waiting for a Lurch lookalike to open it before I realised there was a back entrance for us plebs.

The most mysterious thing on that base in my time was the identity of the 'mystery pi$$er' who kept hitting the orderly officer as he did his rounds, out of an upper floor window.

At this late date, it may be safe to modestly accept the applause for one such incident. Hope he learned his lesson. Don't look up with your mouth open, Sir.
I heard the roundhouse in Hohne is the bigg SS Officers mess and under the wooden floor in what was the main function room is a giant swastika that the Nazi offrs and their dames danced on.

I remeber going to a function their in the old days and you could still make out the swastika symbols in the stonework above the big door.

here is a link about Hohnes history http://www.historyofhohne.cjb.net/
i was at bradbury Bks in Krefeld in 92 and herford (north and south camp) in 93 and i heard the stories that under the accom blocks in Krefeld were underground tank parks, and were flooded and sealed by the allies to save hand to hand and CQ fighting...someone showed me the plans of the original barracks, with huge ramps leading under the blocks, apparently there are complete tiger tanks in there?

also at 7 sig regt old camp in herford on the left as you went into the main camp, between the blocks were bomb shelters each as long as the blocks, and sealed with steel doors, someone told me (who was apparently there) that when they handed the camp over to the germans in 95/96 ish they had to cut open the shelters and inside (apparently) was rusty MG42s, MP40s, STGw44s, grenades, ammo, kit, rat packs, and loads of misc kit. no bodies though.

And at the foot of the run way at RAF Bruggen (as it was) in "no mans land" there you can still see the defence trenches between the airfield and the dutch border, they ran all the way to 14 Sig regt camp in whatever that place was called - memory a little foggy these days. apparently you could still find shell cases and stuff in the woods there and reccomended not to go into the trenches incase of UXBs

The cobbeld road between the main gate Fally to the pads is a regesterd war grave, built by slave labour from Belsen, thats why it cant be tarmacked over( Honest)
when the PRI shop up in 7 ARMDwas being refurbed ,the box head workers found Nazi murels under the plaster, and dowend tools untill they were painted over.
And even more german armour is reputed to be buried under the old 10 regt drill square( Catterick Bks Bielefeld) no wonder Adolf lost, half his army seems to have been buried 8O ...... but one of the scariest places in that Bks was the roof space over the atic rooms , they hadent been touched , and still had the german graffiti ,and roumours of suicide and murder 8O
And going back to the dark ages Kimnell park camp in Rhyl (JTR) was a staging camp for the Canucs in WW1 , when the flu epidemic wiped over a third of them out, the grave yard in bodelwyden has most of the graves and a memoriel ,and the camp had roumours of ghosties and goulies and thing that went bump in the night ,but the scariest thing there for me was a pioneer drill Sgt, he made my life hell :evil:

Happy trucking 8)
When 14 were at Scheine (Spelling?) we were not allowed to dig to deep on any of the grass banks, apparently ammo had been dumped all over the place and then just covered over.

Also it was stated that the small branch line which stopped at the RHQ was used by the SS when transporting Prisoners to Belsen. They would stop at Scheine and test the gas before traveling onto Belsen (although probably unlikely as a) Belsen was not a fully fledged extermination camp and b) why test the gas away from the camp, far more sensible to test it at the destination, saves mucking around with those extra bodies.

However the camp was very creepy.

Celle, Taunton Bks was the biggest barracks block in Europe, 7 floors if memory survives. There were stories that there were a further 7 floors below which had also been flooded and blocked up. Barracks was not used by SS though but by a regular Whermact unit which had it as its home base.
I was stationed at Ferris Brks in Erlangen for a little over 3 years. Heard all the usual ghost and buried equipment stories. Did mange at one time to get down to a flooded level in Brigade maint one time.
Not much at all to see eccept the road passages down. Everthing was supposed to be rigged to go off.
Inthe winter though, in a light snow, you could see the lines of tunnels outlined in the light ground covering.

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