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Dubbin & breaking in boots.

Once you have the boots good and greasy, get yourself something about the size and weight of a cricket stump and welly all the bits that need to be soft and bendy until they are. Never fails.

And putting the grease on the inside around the instep and round the welts is a good idea too. Makes your socks a bit mucky, but it's worth it.
Hot water, a fine soaking in hand hot water. A good flogging, then saddle soap/neats foot oil. Slap loads of that on, and work it in. Then get them on your feet and get trogging.
wear them, run through a stream, drain water out, change socks, wear for about 12 hours, sorted.....works every time, and avoids all this 'piss in them' advice that floats about
Get down the NAAFI and ask for some bulling/polishing rings , they are designed for this purpose and are normally located on the shelfs by the till between the glass hammers and left angle torches, they are used by all and sundry

Good Luck


trick400 said:
After slapping on the dubbin, my boots wont take polish - how can I get them to shine up?

Sorry, sunshine, you never will.

Well done, that man.
You rotten sods!
You wait till NOW to tell him that he can't polish them after using dubbin?
Shame on you. LOL

Seriously, trick400, just keep applying the polish and they will eventually come up shiny in a couple more weeks.

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