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Under severe pressure from the memsahib to buy her a pair of Dubarry Galway boots. No amount of comments such as 'rubbish will fall apart under any decent use' will disuade her from insisting that she must have them or die. Not keen on cost of funeral or child care so interested in any way of getting them for a little less than the standard £219 + p&p that seems to crop up everywhere. Does anyone know of a military discount anywhere. Bankcrupsy(sp! see panic setting in already!) looming otherwise!! :(


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67 views but no answers. I am obviously not the only one who needs a discount. Any firms out there willing to give us a discount!!!!


I bought some Dubarry sailing boots a few months ago for a lot less than seen on most sites. Don't know what type of boot they are, but have you tried looking at general sales of the sporting type they belong to ie Chandlers for sailing kit, Tack shops for riding boots etc ? There are some cracking deals out there, all you have to do is put the time in on the computer to find them.

Not overly helpful, but worth having a look.
The company used to located not too far away from where I grew up. I have to say that they are well worth the money. Quality does cost.

As for a military discount? There isn't one as far as I'm aware unfortunately.


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Cheers. It looks as if there arediscounts 5to be had for the sailing boots but not the Galway riding/wellingtons. Shame but I will keep looking. Thanks for your help.


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3 hours and still nothing less than 195 plus 10 posting. They either run to verytight margins or Dubarry have a very strong control over discounting. I am getting totally depressed!

Will stag on though.
I have a pair of Dubarry Galway boots, and they are excellent. Despite a detailed search (I'm a Yorkshireman), I was unable to get a discount. I found most of the Ebay offerings were the cheaper (because they are shorter and less complex soles) nautical boot, or looky-likeys rather than the real thing.

Have a look under 'bargains' on this site; the Hunter ladies Torlundy boots are a good price. I can recommend the company - quick delivery and good service.
REG002 said:
I'm pretty sure they have a factory shop though not 100%. Know anyone in Ballinasloe?!

I do. Family live there now. Factory shop closed ages ago.

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