Having read about some of the goings on in Dubai recently and all the attention the media is giving to the 'Blackpool of the Middle East' how long before AQ turn their attentions to this ex pat haven?
I know you could argue that Muslims come to the UK and to an extent force their lifestyle on their neighbours (Call to Prayer etc) but we are a lot more tolerant I think.
How long before the backlash starts or will the ruling family have a quiet word with people in certain places to hold them off and let Dubai rake the cash in courtesy of 'decadent Westerners'?
I've never been to Dubai but chat to some of the lads who stop off their on the way back from working on the circuit and they all tell the same tale of drunken mayhem, I'm just jealous I suppose!
Anyone any other experiences of Dubai or thoughts on how it might turn out?
The FCO raised the terror alert for Dubai from "General" to "High" on 17 Jun 08.
Transit passengers not affected, but those out and about to be careful.

Add rising cost of energy imports (dubai has limited natural resources) and most peeps would be wise to follow the drift to Abu Dhabi & Qatar before the impending implosion.

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