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Apologies if this is the wrong forum but this was sent to me - however not my thing (Global Supply Chain) Thought someone might be interested though - pm me and I'll put you in touch with the headhunter. Rate is probably £200 - £250 per day.

We currently have the following vacancies available;


Location: DUBAI, UAE


Brief Job Description:

We are looking for a Land Transport Manager for a 4 year position in Dubai. Working a 4/1 week rotation. Accommodation and 4 return flights a year provided.

Primary Objective

Provide efficient and effective land transport services to customers at the highest possible level of HSS&E and at the lowest possible cost.


Responsible for the technical element of the tendering process for land transport services, contract management, planning and execution of all land transport activities conducted for the Company. The Land Transport Controller acts as the Technical Authority with regards to land related operations and activities required for project execution.


A Land Transport specialist with recognisable medium/heavy road transport haulage licenses and or earth moving qualifications with a minimum of 10 years experience in similar functions, activities or Projects.

Land Transport professional, combined with experience in contract management of land activities on a managerial level, preferably related to the oil and gas or resources industry.

Incumbent must have an excellent knowledge of land transport operations within the oil and gas, resource or in major civil works industry.

Have knowledge to a master level of HSSE rules, regulations and best industry practice for land transport operational activities. Incumbent must be able to independently conduct HSSE investigations, compile reports, as well as conduct audits of equipment, facilities, operations and recommend and implement improvements.

Incumbent must be able to develop land transport operating procedures (including major civil works), forms and processes for the different logistic operations as required for the project execution.

Incumbent must be able to conduct HSE and land transport audits independently or in a team with other experts (e.g. HSE Advisors), including audit report writing

Full job spec will be sent on application.
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