Dubai - why the hell would anyone want to go there?

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by flamingo, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Served in Dubai on Loan Service - best tour ever. Never had any trouble with either the the police, the locals in general or the majority of expats. In fact the only people that irritated me were some Brits and the Russians. Both had the morals and behaviours of alley cats - bit like the assholes you give as examples. When in Rome etc.
  2. Sun tans, duty free shopping, high speed driving if you can bribe the fuzz enough to close the roads for you. Plus you can piss off the natives by constantly reminding them that if it wasn't for expat builders and so on, it would still be a second-rate, oil-less, fly-ridden excuse for a caravanserai (or so I have been told).

  3. The Sevens & Jumeirah Janes. No other reason!
  4. I love the place, but as PAW said its the Chavs that cock it up,
  5. Agreed Sevens is a great event especially since they moved to the new venue out on the Al Ain road
  6. Why you jealous, my friend had a small problem with the UK taxman so he moved out there, and as he was at the time the class 2 offshore world power boating champion 1997, he got a job as manager of one of the Racing teams based out there, nice work if you can get it, but very handy for me to get cheap fishing trips,
  7. I have to agree with this comment. I live in Abu Dhabi and more often than not those that cause the most trouble are either Eastern European or worse still British on the pop. Makes you ashamed sometimes.
  8. BOOM LOL I love the way the justification actually gets bigger and sparklier

    I'd love to see your "Dit" time line from aomeba till present day, would look like some sort of Jules Verne/HG Wells screenplay adaption
  9. I just feel a lttle sorry for all the sad doubters, who haven't had the advanteges of travel and interesting friends
  10. Good weather all year round, although it's a bit hot outside just now. Oh, and I have that small consolation of not having to pay tax. (in fairness, I've never been to North Korea, so maybe it also has it's advantages).
  11. Way too hot, I just been stood outside and even now at midnight its stifling
  12. M,

    A bit hot? A question - do you know Satwa at all? If so does "Ravis" Indian Restaurant still in existence?
  13. Can't say I know it. I'm living in JBR, working in Internet City, but according to this, it's still doing business, or at least it was in April.

    And yes, it is "a bit hot" - currently 37 degrees, at 1 o'clock in the morning.
  14. Dubai....been in and out of the place over the last fews years on and off, don't like it. Muscat on the other hand, very nice.