Dubai Rugby Sevens

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by vrb.biatch, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. (30 Nov - 2 Dec)

    Anybody going to this event? Will be a quality couple of days. Probably circa 30000 people. Even better than the Army/Navy and the weather is better too. Lots of agents doing package deals from UK. I've booked my flights and accommodation, and can give some useful links if you PM me.
  2. Yep- going with some Oppos from the Andrew.

    Stand by for sun, beer (delivered to one's seats in the stands), rugby bunnies and the glory that is 7's!
  3. What is the Andrew? And have you booked your accommodation?
  4. accomodation is very cheap in dubai at the moment. i have been twice this year and stayed in 5* for less than £100 a night (Hyatt Regency and Hilton jumeria beach)

    this is due to the fact the place is one massive construction site at present. be prepared for massive traffic jams etc so plan any journeys carefully so you dont miss out!
  5. Unfortunately when you look at the price for the rugby sevens weekend, the price tends to skyrocket. A lot of agencies have booked the rooms, so they can provide the package deals, which shoves up the price for those making their own arrangements. If anybody knows any special deals for this time, I'd appreciate knowing, as the accommodation I have booked might not work out.
  6. I recommend the York International Hotel and its nightclub, ahem......................
  7. vrb.biatch wrote:

    No wah? The Royal Navy.

    Nope, being done by someone "in theatre", along with tickets. Packages are expensive so Expedia currently worth looking at: my flight, direct on Emirates, was c350 of your Eeeenglish pounds. Now need tosave up for beer, rugby bunnies and baksheesh...

    Perhaps we should lobby the COs for an ARRSE (lightweight 'cos of the heat) rugby shirt, but we'd have to work quickly to be in time for late November. Those colours could be no worse than my old University bright pink 7's number!
  8. Everybody should wear something from Arrse - just think my socks might look out of place. We should get some form of identity and all meet up in the Irish Village.

    I have booked the Chelsea Tower (very posh), through Travelocity for £100 per night. But Chelsea Tower don't seem to acknowledge this so it seems dodgy. Other sites were asking for £200 per night. York International is cheap but all the reviews say it keeps getting raided cos of the prostitutes.

    Does anybody know where the teams are staying? We must have a contact on here from the Army team. That hotel bar would be a good laugh.
  9. Yes. Just a short flight from my sandpit. Staying with a mate.

    Someone should give Mike Whitson a call at PSM - they make a lot of unit's rugby strip and I bet he could fill a rush order. email:
  10. What about all meeting up on 01 Dec at the Irish Village? We could all wear something tacky like a red rose or maybe wear an arrse sock as a glove on our drinking hand?
  11. Oy, Capn Pugwash. Unfair wah. Not everyone knows the bunch of motley fishheads and skimmers personally enough to be on first name terms? ;-) And even if they did, surely it'd have to be Jack...

    Sadly can't do the 7's this year meself. :-(

    BTW check out - they fly to Abu Dhabi and can be a bit cheaper if you're strapped for cash or need an alternative to Emirates.

    Enjoy... grrrrr <jealous>
  12. Anyone else doing the 10's in Bahrain next weekend?
  13. itchyandscratchy wrote:

    Wasn't going for a wah, just checking no one trying to wah me. Not sure of the derivation of Andrew for RN (generally meaning the Navy as a whole, whereas Jack would mean just one of them), but having spent some time hanging around sailors (oo-er missus) some Jackspeak does occasionally come into play!

  14. According to the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship, it derives from one Andrew Miller, a zealous officer of the Impress Service during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, who ‘recruited’ so many men to His Majesty's ships that the navy was said to belong to him
  15. ExPara wrote:

    Who said ARRSE wasn't educational? In less than a week I've learnt this and about the ancient Iraqis' electric torches (or that's what I'll say at my AGAI 67 interview for spending half my time here... doh!)