Duane Syndrome

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Lynxtips, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Boy is in the process of applying to join the regs but was diagnosed with DS in both eyes a few years back. To look at him you would never know he had DS, as he has no visible squint or unnatural position of his eyes, in fact the only effect it has on him is he can't go cross eyed or look out of the corners of his eyes without moving his head. He has been fully active in ACF for about 3 years and is apparently a cracking shot (having won best shot on his first summer camp and invited to shoot at Bisley) and his DS has never caused him any problems in anything he does. He had a visual fields test, when they first diagnosed DS, and he has at least 210 degrees of vision so is able to drive a car.

    Today he went for his opticians test/evaluation and his visual acuity is 6/4 in both eyes, no colour blindess and no need of specs. However, the way she wrote about him on his form has left me a little concerned. She said that diplopia (double vision) was noted on both laevo and dextroversion and laevo and dextrodepression. Now ordinarily he has no double vision because he doesn't hold his eyes in any of those positions for any period of time. She never mentioned DS by name and suggested he has a problem with the lateral rectus muscle of each eye.

    We handed in his medical and optician's form today, which will now be sent to his GP. I have asked the orthoptic clinic he used to attend to write a letter confirming his condition and that he has been discharged from them, never having had medication or surgery for this condition and hope to have it by the time his GP has completed his medical report.

    DS isn't listed as a condition which makes him permanently unsuitable but as it is such an unusual condition I am wondering if he will be refused because the people deciding on the medical info don't know enough about it.

    Anyone got any ideas/suggestions please?
  2. Jeez. I'm a doctor and I've never heard of Duane syndrome...

    Need to look it up.

  3. Lynxtips

    your sons case will probably be referred to the local Med Board, who will seek advice from the Armies Senior Opthalmic specialist.

    This may involve your son travelling to see him at Frimley Park Hosp (probably).

    It sounds a rare condition - but the Colonel is the Service specialist - it will be he who advises the Med Board

    good luck
  4. Thanks for that :) I do hope that's not the case though as - we live in Scotland but moving to Germany in about 6 weeks. Funnily enough it was at Frimley Park where he was first diagnosed and undertook his visual fields test.
  5. Col G down there is the number one army squint repairer.

    No problems Lynxtips - enjoy BFG(ive just escaped from Hohne), best of luck to your son
  6. Boy's application was rejected, as expected, so we contacted the SMO at the ADSC who agreed, when hearing about how his conditions actually affected him, that he had strong grounds for appeal. We have now learnt his appeal has failed and his final step is appealing to Colonel Occupational Medicine at HQ ARTD.

    I believe the grounds for appeal are contained in JSP 346 chapter 3 but I can't find it on line anywhere. Does anyone have a link to it, or can PM me it's contents, so he can read up and hopefully formulate an appeal. Then again is it actually worth appealing or will he just be wasting his time?

    Ironically, he contacted the Navy about joining the Marines (after his first rejection) explained all about his "conditions" and he's got a "medical" next week!!
  7. Lynxtips

    1. Sorry to hear about the rejection - armys loss

    2. Glad to hear about the marines - navys gain.

    I'll look up the JSP for you tomorrow when i'm at work