Dual Wielding

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monkian, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. What are your opinions on dual wielding as a valid technique for ranged combat? I have fired dual wielded pistols and uszis before and had mixed results.

    Obviously you can't dual wield 2 rifles so it's mainly hand guns and the like that can be fired in each hand at relatively close range.

    From my experience for "work" in the field ... at range ... a rifle is better (as long as it's not an SA80 rofl). But when storming a building or in tight spaces dual wielding is very beneficial. Lets look at the advantages of dual wielding:

    Increased firepower
    Can attack two different targets simultaneously
    increased area in which you can attack
    Looks seriously badass

    As for the disadvantages:

    Slightly less accuracy
    Can waste ammo
    Harder to quickly access your nades with the off hand

    So what are your opinions? Should we start giving our troops dual Mac 10s or dual Browning pistols so that they can lay down some serious heat? or is it not worth the extra cost?
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  4. If you cannot dual wield GPMGs then you shouldn't be in the Army!
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  11. Two Charlie G's, obviously with UGL's attached.

    That or an 18 inch naval gun accompanied by a Phalanx or similar.

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  13. NADES .. not nads. It's short for grenades.
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