Dual Trades

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Fones_4_Me, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Here is a really good Idea I have come with.... tell me what you think? Drivers, Well I think the driver trade should be duel traded. I mean everyone has a driving license. We already have Driver Rad Ops who quite clearly excel in their duel trade. So why not have trades like Driver/chefs or Driver/posties.. Even better Driver/medics!! Whats everyone think?
  2. Driver linemen...?
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Duel Trades ?

    Like Epeé Tech and Sabre Operator?

  4. Nope too intelligent.. you lost me? Its not hard though!
  5. Marky you are going to have to elaborated on your suggestion,
    Cause most trades do drive themselves, but the crunch comes when
    i.e. a chef is cooking he can’t drive as well, or when an infanteer is
    digging in, he won’t be able to reach the peddles either, you will
    always need dedicated drivers mate.

    What idea are you trying to suggest?
  6. Marky5503 Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 2:27 pm Post subject: Re: Duel Trades


    Cutaway wrote:
    Duel Trades ?

    Like Epeé Tech and Sabre Operator?

    Nope too intelligent.. you lost me? Its not hard though!

    Duelling trades have already been done. Trogs hate Stackers and vice versa. Now dual trades, there's an idea. Can I have an MBE please.
  7. TA REME do it. Once you reach Class 1 in one trade, you can do a second trade.

    I doubt that it'd be feasable within the Regs, though.
  8. franky, marky, i think you idea of dual trades is dross. if a trade requires dvr licences, because the tools of that trade are stored on a truck or in an armoured vehicle then clearly they need to be able to drive. it doesn't take away from the fact that driving is merely facilitating and not actually doing the trade. (as pointed out by discipline).

    if we examine the dvr/radop example, the dual classification is merely a scam by some senior officer who loves rad ops to unfairly increase rad ops' chances of promotion. we are all familiar will skill fade (esp when, like me, you have very little skill in the first place) and have experienced the problems of 'refreshing/relearning', these are exacerbated with dvr rad ops who can spend decades away from 'the other trade'. (also they are sh*t at being rad ops and can never get comms..."sun spots, water table, moon state etc etc" BORE OFF, why don't they just concentrate on being rad ops?).

    the ability to 'increase you employability' within trade already exists: eg supspecs can become bakers.

    perhaps though i am being too narrow minded by assuming that it is driving that has to be combined with another trade. i've heard that that ammo tech stuff is pretty simple, surely it could be combined with another trade, i dunno, say combat engineering! the main contributors to this site seem to be full of adulation for the way our wedge cousins have done it! (cast complete, he sits back on the river bank and awaits a bite).
  9. Dvr Rad Ops.....funny story, Previous Unit, Dvr Rad Op driving the SSM about on exercise. 2 Days into the exercise the dvr telling the SSM how sun spots, lie of the land, ionasphere or whatever not allowing him to maintain contact with HQ etc more than 5 miles away. The SSM let him spiel all this for the 2 days, nodding politely at all the excuses the Rad Op was coming out with until he could do it no-more. Using another soldier to pass on the information to the Rad Op, that the SSm he was sitting next to for the past 2 days was a RSI Dvr Rad Op!!
    Apparently for the remaining part of the exercise the SSM's Landrover could pick up Radio Antartica and more!!
  10. How about para medic? Combat Logistition?
  11. How about :


  12. Ok Ok Roses are red violets are blue Im dyslexic apple pie!! I changed the spelling..
  13. Nice one! What's for dinner tonight chef?.... kidneys! 8O
  14. Someone has already quite succintly summed up the difficulties in teaching a soldier to adequately execute more than one trade specialism. The original point that "anyone can drive" is correct as long as the yardstick is a Ford Fiesta and we are not fussy how well they perform.

    What is needed is a shift away from this "we can do it better by streamlining" attittude that will eventually lead to nobody being able to do anything...

    Training should not get cheaper, it should simply get better/more realistic with the aid of technology!
  15. How's about triple trade, eg; there are a lot of Sup Specs who are fully capable of doing a Drivers jobs and are curently doing Sup Con jobs. (Look at most stores sections).