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I have a question regarding trades. Is it still possible to go dual traded? The reason I ask is because the trade I am due to train for I am already trained to do through my job (although I still have to complete the mil training). Whilst this doesn't bother me, I would like to gain another trade within my regiment, so that I can add to my skills (and my CV!).

Does anyone know if this is still possible?


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I was. I used to belong to an Engineer Regiment as one of their medics. However they wanted everyone to do Combat Engineer training, whihc was fine by me and great fun.

Whilst I was with them I was both CMT and Combat Engineer, but after I moved on I seem to have lost the RE qualification and now its nowhere to be seen on my records.

In REME it is still possible to dual trade. I currently have a VM waiting for an armourers course, my VE is also a VM, I have a VM who is a VE and my Recy Mech is also a VM. I firmly believe that it makes a lot of sense to invest more training in those keen soldiers with aptitude and the correct attitude, as long as the PASO comes up with the MTD's :D


Is it possible in the port and maritime corps to go dual traded then? I would be interested in port operator as I work in the transport industry and have other skills, but it would also help on my CV!


Since joining Sigs in 2000, I've gained a total of 5 trades (and my last two slots were not in those trades)... so yes.
I have to say that when I enquired as to dual-trading by doing a different trade camp (as I had some spare time on my hands) the response I got from PSI was "don't waste our MTDs - if you want to learn how to x we can teach you here". So, whilst a possibility, maybe it comes down to attitudes in your unit.

I know of many soldiers who're dual-traded, but most of these people have longer and more varied careers (most are seniors).

5 trades, polar? ... pray tell what were these? EOD Ammo Tech, Air Dispatcher, SF Communicator, Clerk and Postal Courier? ;) jus kidding


norfolk_n_chance said:
the response I got from PSI was "don't waste our MTDs - if you want to learn how to x we can teach you here".

Guess it depends on depends on cap badge, certain posts require two trades in Sigs.
Funny how some can tell you you your wasting MTD, when some of us have been to class 1 five times (most of that was down to someone buggering around with the TA : SDR, new Chapter etc ).

5 trades and when the mob papers arrived guess what ..... they wanted to employ me in Sigs Trade numbr 6!!! Not that I'm bitter .. and the 3 of the class 1 courses were in the infantry


Most units seem to adopt a differing policy depending on their requirements and the unit role.

I'm in a medical unit which doesn't have a problem with the Drivers, Rad Ops, etc going through to complete Medial training once we've reached the top of own CEG (Class 1 Standard). Obviously, the REME get a bit techy about non-REME people going on their courses!

As with many a question raised in this forum...Speak to your SPSI.

When I was in 36 it was common proctice for the Relay ops to be duel traded as ED's

Made sense I suppose out on Sennelgar

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