Dual stab & ballistic vests

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. This is for the ex-squaddies who now work on the door as doorman and supervisors.

    Just got a hold of loads of surplus dual purpose stab and ballistic vests variety of styles.

    Knocking them out at £60 plus £10 for delivery, if you'd like some pics of whats on offer e-mail me at wildcard.rgbw@hotmail.com

    Just thought it might be something that would appeal to doormen seeing as how £60 is a small price to pay for a good set of body armour.

    Mainly all LARGE and EXTRA LARGE all grade 1 condition covert and overt, blue, white and black

    They're all great condition

    PM or e-mail wildcard.rgbw@hotmail.com

    Am also throwing in free ex-police goretex hi viz jacket I got loads of em just quote me your size

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  2. Be bl00dy careful selling secondhand gear like this fella.
  3. One of my friends was actually quite happy after his own little "risk" assessment in which he basically took it home and started stabbing at it wildly with your average butchers knife and said it did what it said on the tin...
  4. Well that's ok then :roll:

    Any specs, any knowledge of the date of manufacture, and assurances from the vendor on the manner in which they were stored etc?
  5. As I was once a crash test dummy for flack jackets, I would be very care full about gatting anything with no history and specs
  6. Grabbed some at random, they are made by companies called Aegis Engineering, Meggitt Systems, Yaffy.

    DOM are some 2005, some 2006

    Specs are KR2 knife and slash resistant, ballistic rated HG1a, the Aegis seem to be rather popular among the doormen, seems they're held in high regard...
  7. It should be illegal selling this s**t, buy some proper stuff if you need body armour
  8. Why should it be illegal?
  9. Secondhand, grade 1 used motorcycle helmet anyone? No, though not.....
  10. Your weekly average for telling everybody you were a fig 11 must be about 12 now.
  11. how much?
  12. £60 paypal only product may not exist, but monies will be collected and retained by vendor
  13. They are also listed on ebay for £74.99 for those after a little more security ;)
  14. It's my only claim to fame
  15. You should have stayed in the choggie shop drinking coffee with the rest of us, not going out and antagonising the paddies :lol:
    too many years drinking brains SA was your problem.