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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by charlie_five, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so not strictly a computery type thing but does anyone have/use a dual sim phone? I'm not sure how widely available they are but I'm totally fed up of carrying 2 phones about, especially when one of them is like something out of the ark. Any recommendations/ones to avoid?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Can you not set up call forwarding?
  3. I had a similar dilemma, due to work and home comittments in two countries I was humping 3 phones around.

    Wife bought me a dual sim LG for Christmas last year, so far had no trouble with it, does what it says on the box, no wireless or tinternet on it but hey if you just want a phone with two SIMS it works perfectly well.

    A lot of the guys out here where I work use Dual sim phones all the time, probably the most popular is the samsung slide phones but the LG touch screen is pretty popular as well.

    One complaint I have is the touch screen tends to be a bit random, and seems a bit of a chore but otherwise its ok.... On the upside battery life is superb, medium use I get two or three days out of it.....

    No turning on and off like the old models either, simply touch a button and you can text and call from your second SIM. Obviously in "recieve" mode it accepts calls and sms from both SIMS....

    Not sure where she got it from but my guess would be EBAY...



  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The problem with that is that you have to jump through a load of hoops to set the phone up properly to differentiate between calls.

    With a proper dual SIM it should only take a couple of settings changes to allocate separate ring tones for each number.

    I used to set my company phone to forward to my own mobile and found that I was answering work calls out of hours, because it was almost impossible to tell the difference when the caller's number wasn't a recognised contact.

    IIRC either Vodafone or O2 used to offer two separate number for the same SIM that had a similar effect to the dual SIM solution; I don't know if that's still the case but it was offered under their business packages.
  5. Thanks all, I'm just having a look at the LG touch screen phone now..............fcuk me, phones are expensive! I can't remember the last time I had to actually pay for one!
  6. I managed to get hold of a dual sim adaptor for about 4 quid from ebay....Worked like a dream on a nokia phone, but needs a little bit of spare space above the battery........
  7. Ah now there's a thought, thanks. I'm using a Nokia E71 as my personal phone at the moment so I might try the adaptor route first before parting with a shed load of cash!
  8. Plenty on ebay! Ordered one in last year from Hongkong works a treat
  9. I got a SciPhone i9 ofEbay for £49. Dual SIM, looks just like an iPhone. Works well. New with 1 Year warranty and 2 batteries from a UK seller. May be worth a look on EBay - just make sure you get a genuine SciPhone.

    I'm using a Tesco Mobile and a T-Mobile SIM with no problems.
  10. I noticed these 'clone' phones seem to be on the march, and there getting better and better at it.
  11. Thanks for that; I had a look at these on ebay but I think I'm going to try the cheap and cheerful route first. I live overseas at the moment but I'm making a trip back to the UK shortly so I'll see what those blokes with the dodgy market stalls have to offer in the way of adaptors!