Dual Sim handsets

Needs to work on GSM 3G networks and on 2G on all / most global networks

Active Standby etc (ie meaning both sims live at once)

Has anyone had any experience with any of the Chinese handsets?
Think one of the JCB toughphones is dual sim
Try a Light in abox website, I bought a dualsim I phone clone off them for 56$australian 2 years ago, never had a problem with it where ever we are on our travels, with a Lebara sim card for roaming international calls and a 3network sim as back up for remote areas , such as widnes or keighley. Light ina box Ipad and tablett clones are the dogs bollocks too


Samsung do a range of "real" dual-sim models that have normal factory warranty, etc. They are not available in UK, but can be bought on eBay from many other countries.

We've got a couple of Samsung GT-E2222 Duos handsets to deal with our expanding collection of Simms. This is a very cheap phone - only £35 where I got it in Kazakhstan - but works flawlessly. Both sims are displayed by name in the screen, and flicking from one to the other is easy. Incoming calls and texts can be replied to immediately, without any switch off/switch on to change sims - as with some of the chinese bodges.

Phone is very light, and has a standby of at least a week - even with two sim radios going. I've often carried two of them in one phone pouch, order to cover four sim cards....

Samsung do a number of more updated phones with touchscreens, etc (no Android yet). IIRC you can only get them online from India and Russia at the moment.

I had one of the Chinky dual-SIM phones for a bit. Once the novelty of the built-in analogue telly wore off it was a bit shite. The battery life was abysmal and for some reason I couldn't access the internet from it - the bod in the O2 shop reckoned it may have been because one of the IMEI numbers was cloned.

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