Dual Service Applications

Hi all, just a quick run down on my situation: I am looking to become an Army Officer, hopefully with the AAC, but unfortunately failed my Main Board last month due to not speaking up enough on the command tasks. The rest of Board went well so I will be reattempting it in December, hopefully with a bit more success. I was wondering though, if it is possible to apply to the RN's Fleet Air Arm in the meantime just encase I fail AOSB at my second attempt? Obviously my heart lies with the Army and I will be doing everything possible to pass second time round, but I don't want to be in the situation where if I failed both attempts I would then have to wait another year while the Navy application gets started and processed.

Any help and advice would be appreciated, thanks for the help!
Not a good idea. One application at a time is the way forward here.
Nothing wrong with having two applications in, a guy in my group at main board had applications in to all three services, now having passed aosb has decided on the army.

I would go for it, better to cover your bases.
Thanks for the help. I seem to be getting advice saying either go for it or else no way, stick with the one application. Think I will need to have a word with my sponsor and see what they say! I wasn't sure if it would make me look uncommitted to the Army at AOSB if I had applied elsewhere, but from what you say flyingwinger, that doesn't seem to be the case. If so, think I'll apply and and see how it goes, AIB should be good prep for AOSB in any case!

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