Dual role PRR into a Harris 117

I am after a bit of help with a job I have been asked to carry out. I have an artillery guy who has a dual role PRR and a harris 117 radio. He has asked me to make him a cable to connect his PRR and Harris 117 together so that he can talk on his Harris 117 using his PRR. He has given me the 117 connection and the prr female connector but what I am after is the pinouts to connect them together. He has told me that he had a cable in Iraq but gave it to the guy that took over from him. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
Not wanting to poop on an illegal mod, but if this is a requirement why not staff it as such so that everyone can have this ability? I only say this because there are issues with dual role PRR. Might want to chat to the FofS before cracking on. You should be able to get the appropriate pin out by emailing HARRIS or looking in the 117F handbook which comes with each radio.
If this arrangement was "official" you wouldn´t have to bodge the cable.

Think to yourself "is this arrangement likely to damage either the Harris or the PRR?"

Make the cable up, draw up the schmatics and photo it. THen GEM it or chat to the FofS or Tiffy Tels. Maybe even a YofS.
This has already been done. And if the arty guy is a FAC he should be getting one soon. Tell him to speak to his higher authority.
Having did the 117F instructor course last week there is no 'official' cable that does this, however there is a new harris secure prr cant remeber the name but this can work from secure prr to 117 and the have had ranges up to 2km on it


WhiteHorse said:
Ohh, why not give away our equipment capabilities on an open forum?
Surely they would have an inkling or understanding of what was capable just to understand the techno speak taking place? :wink:
cant believe you guys REALLY have to post this kinda thing on a public forum.... i always thought the FOS was the first and last place you ever had to go for a technical answer.. or are they not that good these days?

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