Dual Nationality?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by paddington_88, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. This question would be directed towards someone in the know.

    I've have been on the army website and noticed that the INT CORPS website has been updated. There is a section that says that the applicant should not hold dual nationality? Myself, being from Northern Ireland, I feel this is quite an impossibility. Is there anyway around this or is it directed towards applicants outside the UK?


  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Last time I Looked NI was part of the UK, PS do you know of OP Banner?
  3. I can't see what the problem is. I thought that everybody in the Six Counties had a Brit passport with the option of an ROI passport. Is that wrong?

  4. I don't think the Int Corps is for you if you don't know NI is in the UK. FFS
    Try the pioneers.
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  5. Although Northern Ireland is part of UK, it is still possible to obtain an Irish passport. I hold an Irish passport but not a British passport. I do know what OP Banner was, what relevance is it to my question?
  6. When I said applicants outside the UK, I meant applicants from the EU? If I'm that stupid, maybe I should just join the paras?
  7. Op Banner was a little British Army jaunt that went on for a week or two in the Six Counties.

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  8. Join the Salvation army, they dont care how many passports you have.
  9. .......or, failing that, join FFL/LE: at the end of 5 years, you can have a nice shiny French one if you wish.

    ........plus a demand for French income tax, backdated 5years.
  10. And they also give you a grace and favour flat in a shitty part of Paris. Allegedly.
  11. WaaaaaaaaaaH!!
  12. The dual nationality problem is due to the security vetting process. You cannot hold SC clearance or higher without relinquishing a passport.
  13. Half of fiji is in the British Army ffs,whats the problem !
  14. They don't have constant and regular access to very sensitive information. If they did then it would be a problem! :roll: