Dual nationality within the British Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Half_viking, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. I am a Dual Citizen with Britian and Finland with a year's national service within the Finnish Defence Forcesand i am now attempting to join the British Army.

    I am having a few problems with recruiting. Due to my previous service in the FDF i can understand it may cause a few problems. The AFCO dont seem to be able to give me a defined answer if i can or cant join up. The initial answer was yes, though certain types in the AFCO seem doubtful.
    Are their specific rules on this type of thing, will i be limited to certain jobs within the Army?Am i able to join up? If so, who can i see to get it all sorted out?


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  2. I think the problem may well be that you most likely have a reserve obligation in Finland after your service.

    You'll probably have to obtain documentation from the Finnish authorities to prove that you either hadn't to start with, or that you have been released from this obligation.

    Hope things go well for you.
  3. I served 10 years in the US military, before joining the British Army.

    I have dual citezenship, and at the time of joining the British Army i still had a further 5 years reserve commitment to the USA.

    But the USA and UK have an arrangement, if you have dual citizenship (US and UK) and are serving in either countries armed forces, the other contry will waive it rights to call you up for reserve duties or a draft etc.

    Maybe there might be a similar arrangement with finland? ask about it and mention the above situation.

    When i served for the spams, the UK would not call me up, not even for all out war, same applied when i married my english wife and xferred to british army the yanks let me go no further commitment to them, reseve commitments waived.

    Hope this helps
  4. Well, I'm a dual national - DK/UK - and did my full 22, even managing to sort out my national service obligation to the Danes during that time with a bit of cunning sleight-of-hand and the active collaboration of the Danish Army.

    I suspect your issue may be that Finland is neither NATO nor Commonwealth and that vetting might be an issue for you and hence limit you quite definitively to certain jobs, if you do manage to get in.
  5. Half,

    I know of at least one person in the RN who has dual citizenship and like yourself he is 1/2 Finn/British.

    I myself am a dual nationality (Irish/British) and I know from personal experience that certain avenues will be closed off to you for set periods of time (I'm the problem child of my branch). However, it doesn't necessairly mean that you can't have a fulfilling and varied career-it certainly hasn't stopped me.

    The AFCO are being understandably wary on this matter and to be perfectly honest, part of it is probably down to people like myself who slipped through the net a few years back. But to answer your question, yes, dual Finn/British personnel can join (and are currently serving) in HM Forces.

    What are you looking to join as?
  6. Well i was looking at joining as a linguist. Either that or do some form of bomb disposal, in either the RE or RLC. Linguist is first choice for obvious reasons.
    I know the FDF is part of NATO as i served with the QRF where i was to deploy as part of a NATO task force.
    Thanks for all the advice, i am now trying to hunt down the right chap at the embassy.Its proving rather difficult as the receptionist cant organise a blowjob in a brothel!