Dual and quad core processors

Right, I'm considering getting a computer after Christmas, and I am a bit confused about one thing- what are the equivelent speeds for a dual or quad core processor as opposed to a single core, both running at, say, 3 Ghz. Just want to know for game specs etc.
Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a completely stupid question.
I couldnt tell you but i have a quad q6600 processor and i can run Americas Army at highest settings AND COD4 at same time. Maybe that will answer the question.
Firstly dont get sucked in by the hype that 4 is twice as good as 2. Quad Core is not twice as fast as Dual Core (no where near in fact, and I have a Quad Core btw, so not trying to run them down, just be honest
At the moment the reason to choose between Quad or Dual core comes down to what you use it for and a bit of future proofing.
Currently a Faster Dualk Core chip will usually outperform a Slower chip Quad Core set up.

However, as more and more apps become multi core ready, then the more cores the better. You will also notice a difference if you do multiple tasks at once. So with my system, I can quite happily be downloading torrents, burning a DVD and playing Crysis all at once with my Quad Core system.

My advice would be to go for the Quickest Quad core you can afford
In terms of numbers of calculations per secont quad cor processors are better than dual core. however thte problem with quadcore when it comes to games is that it trys to run the game on only one core (Or Summit) It all gets confusing when you start considering L1+L2 Cashe (Super RAM)

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