DU rounds

Random thought. Do we (the UK) still use Depleted Uranium rounds? No need to answer if its sensitive. I just recalled their use from years pevious but realised I hadnt heard anything about them for a long time.
Random Response...

What's it to do with you mate?

(Ignore Tanker - he is a septic btw)

I smell a fisherman!
Thanks for your response. Its nothing to do with me apart from the fact I asked. What the hell is a fisherman? Who gives a fcuk? If youve got a problem with the question dont answer. As it happens ive got the answer and am quite happy if the thread just disappears now.

Thanks tanker.
I didn't know they were still using this stuff.

I saw a talk back in 1998 by Doug Rokke, the man who used to run the US Army's DU clean-up team in Gulf War 1. Bad news - a lot of his team died after exposure to DU. He resigned in protest and still does road-shows railing against it. (has lots of interviews on the net if you're interested)

OK, we may have dropped a couple of tonnes in 2003, but the US fired off 500 tonnes of this crAp.

Disappointed it hasn't been banned but then what would we expect from the MoD?

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